Monday, October 11, 2010

Should I?

I've been on a ride
And caught up in the landslide
But I'm gonna spread my wings and fly...

- Nikka Costa

Couldn't find an official video.   BSG almost as good.  Dare you to click play and not dance...

Wow.  What a difference a couple of days make.  He's now saying things like he doesn't want to lose me and we're talking seriously about a visit.  He has even suggested that they are looking for another roommate and I could come as a friend.  I think I'm completely losing my mind because I'm considering it.

I've been dreaming of living in Hawaii since high school.  Right now, I still have enough money to come home if I can't find a good job.  If I continue the way I am, I'll be completely broke by the time my daughter graduates - maybe before.  Perhaps I should go for a couple of months while still holding onto my apartment here?  If things work out with him, wonderful.  If I end up with a great job in Hawaii - hooray.  If neither happens, I come home.

If my daughter wasn't still in school, I'd already be booking my flight. She's 18 in a couple of months. She could stay here with some financial assistance and someone to check on her.  She's still my first priority.  I have to give this some serious thought.


Brian Miller said...

wow. living in how does dau feel about it?

blueviolet said...

You're right. I had to dance.

You have your priorities in the right place with your daughter. I'm sure you'll come to the right decision.

gayle said...

Can't wait to hear what you decide to do!! Something to think about!! It would be fun to try!

Vince said...

Oh for heavens sake, just get on with it. It's Hawaii !!!!!!!!!.
You will end up pushing up Daisy's there anyway. This whether or not there was any man involved. You've been in LOVE with the place since you were twelve. But as it is you have a ready made place to stay while you do a recon'.
Hell Woman, to keep the sexual frustration down you can triathlon the shit out of the place.
What level of crap do you have in Texas anyway that you cannot whack it into storage or more likely Goodwill/Oxfam.
Further I'll bet you that the kid would just love to live there as well. What young woman would not adore to live some-place that she could spend 80% of her time by or in a warm Ocean.

Tempo said...

decisions, decisions. I dont feel qualified to comment today, but good luck with it.

Jen said...

Vince is never wrong! If it's a serious offer, I'm going for it. He can bang a different girl every night if he wants to, I just won't be one of them. And I'll be in Hawaii!!!

A Lady's Life said...

Well I am You are going as a "friend" because he doesn't want to lose you?
Hmmm. Do you live with your other friends because they don't want to lose you? Do they live with you?
I have tons of friends and they are not worried about losing me nor I them.
And what message does it send your daughter that Mom left her to live with a friend?

Families are all we've got. If your daughter is not your best friend...then... I don't know.
But that's just me... lol
I'd busy myself upgrading my skills to find a job. In the end this would make me happy because its something I do for me.

Jen said...

I have 13 years experience in the import/export business and he is on an island where everything has to be shipped in. I am not running off with a guy, I'm going to look for a job. My decision to be a roommate is not contingent upon my having a relationship with this guy. That's why I'm going as a friend.

A Lady's Life said...

Well Jen that is a different story.
If you are not moving there to live with him, visiting is fine.
Nothing even to think or worry about.
Go and have fun and hope you find something:)
When we went to Hawaii for soccer, we stayed at the University dorms. They were cheap and the cafeteria food was soo good.20 dollars a day for three meals.But in winter I would imagine they are fully booked.

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