Thursday, December 30, 2010


Tomorrow's getting harder, make no mistake
Luck ain't even lucky, gotta make your own breaks 

   - Bon Jovi

I've been thinking about what direction I want to take with my blog and my life in the new year.  I'm planning trips with my outdoor group, so I'm hoping to do more of those types of posts.  Those are the ones that get Google traffic.  Maybe one day I'll set up a blog entirely devoted to outdoor adventures.  I've read that to earn money blogging you have to choose a niche and stick with it.  One blog is all that I can manage right now, so that's on the backburner. 

I really like the idea of being my own boss.  I can't get laid off...I earn according to how much effort I make...I won't be stuck with a boss who's setting me up to fail...

I'm not sending any more resumes out until February.  I want to spend January seeing how many Avon customers I can find.  I know there are people out there that are able to earn a living doing this.  A woman in the UK recently became the first Avon millionaire.  It took her 6 years.  She became an Avon rep after being laid off from her job.  She's my new hero.

I'll be back to your blogs on January 1.  I miss you guys.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

He Only Has Himself to Blame

Holy crap!  The new guy's wife sent me a message on Facebook.  He told me that she had met someone else and decided she didn't want to be married any more.  That's not her version of the story.  Her version has him cheating with many different women.  She wants my help to decide what to do?  If her version is true and she still doesn't know the answer, I can't help her.

I've blocked them both.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Avon Update and Giveaway: Door to Door is Working

I've been reading the Avon forums and the biggest complaint seems to be running all over town to get a few dollars here and a few dollars there.  I've decided to concentrate my efforts on going door to door in my neighborhood so my customers won't be scattered all over.  I usually spend 2 or 3 hours and gain one customer each time.  That doesn't seem like a lot, but once I find them most have been reordering.  On Saturday, I didn't even knock.  I just put old brochures on doors.  I've gotten two phone calls so far!  If I can gain an average of one customer a week maybe I can eventually build up a healthy customer base.  If I take advantage of the free expired brochures my upline sometimes provides, I can gain even more.

I'm trying to grow my online business, as well.  My previous giveaway of assorted products was so successful, I'm doing it again.  Maybe this will become a monthly event.  It's a fun way to introduce people to Avon and a good use for some of the items I bought to increase my earnings level.  (If my order is 120 dollars, I'll buy another 25 dollars worth so I can earn 30% instead of 20%.)  

This time I'm giving away the following items, pictured above, with a total value of $50.

1)  Naturals Hydrating Shampoo:  Banana and Coconut Milk
2)  Naturals Hydrating Conditioner:  Banana and Coconut Milk
3)  Skin So Soft Mini:  Soft and Sensual replenishing body lotion
4)Naturals Shower Gel:  glazed apple and walnut
5)  Astonishing Lengths Mascara:  black
6)  Ultra Color Rich Lipstick:  wineberry
7)  Glazewear Shine Lip Gloss:  darling pink
8)  Glimmersticks Diamonds eye liner:  black ice
9)  Precision Glimmer powder eyeshadow:  classic mocha

REQUIRED ENTRY:  Leave one comment telling me your favorite Avon product.  If you've never tried Avon, tell me which product would most likely be your first purchase.

ADDITIONAL ENTRIES:  After the required entry, earn additional entries by doing the following:

One additional entry (leave one additional comment):  Follow me on GFC.

One additional entry:  Follow me on Twitter.  
Two additional entries (leave two additional comments):  Tweet about this contest.  
Copy and paste:
Enter to win Avon swag: $50 value...

Three additional entries:  Register at my online store, no purchase required:

The winner will be chosen using, will be notified by email, and will have 48 hours to respond.  Please remember to leave your email address if it is not listed in your public profile.

Sorry, contest is open to US residents only.   

Last day to enter:  January 30, 2011.         


Friday, December 17, 2010

You're Not the One for Me

Well my heart knows me better than I know myself
So I'm gonna let it do all the talking.

  -  KT Tunstall

I've deleted the new guy from my Facebook friend list and am done with him as well.  I told him to call when he was ready to go on an actual date and take me out to dinner or something.  He never did.  I'm done playing on the phone.  If I'm not worth seeing in person, he's not worth my minutes.  My mantra for the new year:  Make some time or make yourself disappear.   

I'm happy to be home.  I'm scheduling backpacking and camping trips with my outdoor group.  I sent out two resumes and got two interviews.  I'm slowly building my Avon business.  I'll get back to blogging daily in the new year.  Maybe I'll try to post 365...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pissing the Night Away

I get knocked down but I get up again
You're never gonna keep me down

  - Chumbawamba

They actually censored that line? 

I haven't felt much like blogging the last week or so.  I have one more Hawaii post to make and a few more giveaways...all will happen soon.  I'm just taking a break.  I will be back.