Thursday, July 28, 2011

Checking In

Where’s Jennifer???? She's hiding inside because it's so frickin' HOT!!!!  Maybe we'll get some relief when that storm blows in. 

What have I been up to?  I bought my first piece of real furniture.  This is what I was sitting on, since I didn’t bring any furniture from my old place.

This is what I’m sitting in now. I have no more pets or children (my daughter took the cats) so I can finally have something nice.

I always wondered if La-Z-Boys were really better than other chairs or if I’d just be paying for the name. Then I visited their showroom in Webster and fell in love. I had the saleswoman laughing as I ran around from chair to chair trying to find the perfect one. Was she laughing at me or with me? Hmmmm…

I decided upon a microfiber, pewter-colored, rocking recliner with extra lumbar support. By the time I paid for fabric protection and delivery, it cost almost a month’s rent but it was well worth the price. I love my new chair!

Oh, yeah. I paid cash. I’m planning on buying new furniture one piece at a time and charging none of it.

It’s too hot and humid to sit outside for long now even after dark, so I haven’t been online much. I need to get internet inside my apartment soon. Or maybe I’ll just start shopping for one of the mobile cards that allow you internet access anywhere. Does Sprint have those?

Until then I’ll be relaxing in my big, comfy, cozy, recliner…snuggling under my blanket…reading a book. I’ll check in soon. Miss you guys.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Herbed Chicken

It never looks as pretty as the photo in the book. Why does one leg look sunburned and one look raw? I cooked it to the required temperature, but it turns out I like my birds cooked well past that point. Next time I’m roasting it until the entire thing looks sunburned. Also, I need to buy some of that string to tie the legs together. I’ve been told the purpose of doing that, but I forgot what it is. I know it’s not just for looks.

I’ve started checking the sales flyers and buying meats that are on sale and then finding recipes for them. Whole fryers/roasters were 77 cents per pound, so I had chicken this week. I’m not excited about cutting it up. If I buy a whole bird, I’m cooking the whole bird and then carving it like a turkey.

The instructions were to mix up some herbs with bouillon granules and water then pour it over the chicken.  The recipe is here if anyone is interested.  It’s baked covered for almost an hour, then uncovered to brown. It turned out very moist, but I think the herbs were wasted on the skin because I didn’t eat it. When I cook chicken pieces, I remove the skin before I cook them. Can you do that when you cook it this way?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cycling in Clear Lake / Nassau Bay

BCO had a bike ride in my new neighborhood, so I joined them and got to have a look around. We rode past the lake and visited a few parks. I’m on the blue bike, wearing the blue helmet and blue backpack. No, I didn’t coordinate that on purpose.

Click to read sign.
 There seem to be an awful lot of gators this far south. I see signs warning about them everywhere.  Two swam up to us during a break. People must be feeding them. It may be cute when they’re small, but when they become 12-footers – not so much. This one looks pretty large.

I think I’ll limit my swimming to the apartment pool…

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Time to Get Moving

After I take advantage of the free wifi in the clubhouse each evening (well, most evenings), I need to start using the gym. I despise working out indoors, but when the temps hit 100 degrees I have no choice. I’m paying for the amenities in my new apartment complex. I might as well use them.

I have to work this off.

Whoever invented the hot fudge sundae is my hero.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Internet Blues

I still have no internet in my new apartment. I tried to transfer AT&T, but received an email response stating that they did not service my new neighborhood. I thought I had Comcast cable, so I tried them next. The customer service rep couldn’t find my address. Next, I tried calling a company that sent me a flier in the mail. They don’t service this area, either. “Well, stop sending me mail then!”

Verizon sent me an ad, too. Should I try them next? Maybe I should just give up and utilize the free wifi available in the clubhouse next to the pool. This is not a bad place to spend an hour each day…