Thursday, December 30, 2010


Tomorrow's getting harder, make no mistake
Luck ain't even lucky, gotta make your own breaks 

   - Bon Jovi

I've been thinking about what direction I want to take with my blog and my life in the new year.  I'm planning trips with my outdoor group, so I'm hoping to do more of those types of posts.  Those are the ones that get Google traffic.  Maybe one day I'll set up a blog entirely devoted to outdoor adventures.  I've read that to earn money blogging you have to choose a niche and stick with it.  One blog is all that I can manage right now, so that's on the backburner. 

I really like the idea of being my own boss.  I can't get laid off...I earn according to how much effort I make...I won't be stuck with a boss who's setting me up to fail...

I'm not sending any more resumes out until February.  I want to spend January seeing how many Avon customers I can find.  I know there are people out there that are able to earn a living doing this.  A woman in the UK recently became the first Avon millionaire.  It took her 6 years.  She became an Avon rep after being laid off from her job.  She's my new hero.

I'll be back to your blogs on January 1.  I miss you guys.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

He Only Has Himself to Blame

Holy crap!  The new guy's wife sent me a message on Facebook.  He told me that she had met someone else and decided she didn't want to be married any more.  That's not her version of the story.  Her version has him cheating with many different women.  She wants my help to decide what to do?  If her version is true and she still doesn't know the answer, I can't help her.

I've blocked them both.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Avon Update and Giveaway: Door to Door is Working

I've been reading the Avon forums and the biggest complaint seems to be running all over town to get a few dollars here and a few dollars there.  I've decided to concentrate my efforts on going door to door in my neighborhood so my customers won't be scattered all over.  I usually spend 2 or 3 hours and gain one customer each time.  That doesn't seem like a lot, but once I find them most have been reordering.  On Saturday, I didn't even knock.  I just put old brochures on doors.  I've gotten two phone calls so far!  If I can gain an average of one customer a week maybe I can eventually build up a healthy customer base.  If I take advantage of the free expired brochures my upline sometimes provides, I can gain even more.

I'm trying to grow my online business, as well.  My previous giveaway of assorted products was so successful, I'm doing it again.  Maybe this will become a monthly event.  It's a fun way to introduce people to Avon and a good use for some of the items I bought to increase my earnings level.  (If my order is 120 dollars, I'll buy another 25 dollars worth so I can earn 30% instead of 20%.)  

This time I'm giving away the following items, pictured above, with a total value of $50.

1)  Naturals Hydrating Shampoo:  Banana and Coconut Milk
2)  Naturals Hydrating Conditioner:  Banana and Coconut Milk
3)  Skin So Soft Mini:  Soft and Sensual replenishing body lotion
4)Naturals Shower Gel:  glazed apple and walnut
5)  Astonishing Lengths Mascara:  black
6)  Ultra Color Rich Lipstick:  wineberry
7)  Glazewear Shine Lip Gloss:  darling pink
8)  Glimmersticks Diamonds eye liner:  black ice
9)  Precision Glimmer powder eyeshadow:  classic mocha

REQUIRED ENTRY:  Leave one comment telling me your favorite Avon product.  If you've never tried Avon, tell me which product would most likely be your first purchase.

ADDITIONAL ENTRIES:  After the required entry, earn additional entries by doing the following:

One additional entry (leave one additional comment):  Follow me on GFC.

One additional entry:  Follow me on Twitter.  
Two additional entries (leave two additional comments):  Tweet about this contest.  
Copy and paste:
Enter to win Avon swag: $50 value...

Three additional entries:  Register at my online store, no purchase required:

The winner will be chosen using, will be notified by email, and will have 48 hours to respond.  Please remember to leave your email address if it is not listed in your public profile.

Sorry, contest is open to US residents only.   

Last day to enter:  January 30, 2011.         


Friday, December 17, 2010

You're Not the One for Me

Well my heart knows me better than I know myself
So I'm gonna let it do all the talking.

  -  KT Tunstall

I've deleted the new guy from my Facebook friend list and am done with him as well.  I told him to call when he was ready to go on an actual date and take me out to dinner or something.  He never did.  I'm done playing on the phone.  If I'm not worth seeing in person, he's not worth my minutes.  My mantra for the new year:  Make some time or make yourself disappear.   

I'm happy to be home.  I'm scheduling backpacking and camping trips with my outdoor group.  I sent out two resumes and got two interviews.  I'm slowly building my Avon business.  I'll get back to blogging daily in the new year.  Maybe I'll try to post 365...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pissing the Night Away

I get knocked down but I get up again
You're never gonna keep me down

  - Chumbawamba

They actually censored that line? 

I haven't felt much like blogging the last week or so.  I have one more Hawaii post to make and a few more giveaways...all will happen soon.  I'm just taking a break.  I will be back.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Germaine's Luau

Bus 2 Plus 1

I was pretty miserable for a little while.  I didn't know that was possible in Hawaii.  I was ticked off that Wyoming was obviously not interested in hanging out with me but didn't have the guts to tell me - he just kept making excuses and let me figure it out.  I had one especially awful night in which I was missing my daughter.  I wanted to get on a plane and come home early.  But I came all this way and spent all that money - I was going to get out of my room and try to have a good time, dammit.  I went downstairs to the lobby to book some tours.

The woman at the activities desk told me I could save $100 if I talked to the gentleman at the next desk and agreed to take a tour of the Wyndham Properties.  "Are you employed full time?" he asked.

Avon.  "I'm self-employed."

"OK.  Do you have an annual income of at least $75,000?"
Uncle Sam said I earned $80,000 last year and taxed me accordingly.  "Yes, I do."

I signed a piece of paper and got a free luau plus $30 off a car rental.  "Make it a convertible."

I boarded Bus 1 to Germaine's Luau at 4:20.  You might think that would be a sign that I was boarding the party bus.  You'd be wrong.  Once I got to the luau, I looked around for a table that might have some fun people.  I chose well.  Bus 2 was the party bus.  They immediately introduced themselves and started talking to me.  The guy front and center in the picture at top volunteered for the men's dance-off.  They brought him on stage wearing a grass skirt and coconut bra.  I wish I'd recorded his dance.  He was hilarious.  He easily won.

The guys were so disappointed...


I wish I had my Flip before I left for Hawaii. The video would be in HD and I'd have the software to edit and rotate.

Bus 2 tried to adopt me.  They said they had some empty seats on their bus, but I wasn't sure how far I'd have to stumble back to my own hotel.  I should have taken them up on their offer.  Normally, the ride back to Waikiki is a continuation of the party.  On my previous trips, the guides taught us cute little songs and had people dancing and laughing...not bus 2 on November 20.  She turned off the lights and let all the wet blankets sleep.

Oh, least I didn't spend the night miserable and alone in my room.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


And I wonder if I ever cross your mind...

   - Lady Antebellum

Things did not go well with Wyoming at all.  It seemed to be all right until we tried to get intimate and it was not good.  In fact, it was pretty awful.  I was going to chalk it up to both of us being nervous and it would be better next time, but he walked out on me.  He made a lame excuse about being worried about where he parked his bike and he left!  Not after we were the middle...before either of us finished.  And he never came back.  No one has ever done that to me before.

He sent me a text that it was nothing like what he would want, along with an insult concerning my hygeine, and to top it off wrote, "And when we went to eat you didn't even offer to help pay or leave a tip."  Are you kidding me?  I bought my own ticket, paid for the room, and he's bitching because he had to buy me dinner?  

I was so upset I started calling men I've been with in the past.  I called the rock star I used to date.  Not a wannabe Wyoming musician - someone with actual albums that were released on a real record label, groupies and fans all over the world, and Slayer covered five of their songs.  If I'm good enough for him, I should be good enough for anybody.  He says he remembers me as being a lot of fun and doesn't recall any issues with odors.  Then he started sexting all night.  Now I've got a rock star on my booty call list.  Yay me.

I IM'd a past partner on Facebook.  "He walked out on me.  He says I smell down there and I'm lousy in bed.  Was that your experience?" 

"That's just wrong," he replied.  "That was not my experience at all."  Then he promised to wear his bunker gear (he's a fireman) if I come visit him the next time I'm in Dallas. 

Woohoo.  All I have to do is make a phone call and I can have sex anytime I want.  These guys are a lot of fun (and buy my dinner without complaining) but I want more than that.  Where are the men that actually want a relationship?  The fact that the men from my past accept my phone calls and want to see me again says something, though.  I am feeling a little better.     

I called the new guy, too.  He didn't answer right away, but texted that he was in a meeting and would call me back as soon as he could.  Then he asked if he was in trouble.  I replied no, I was just miserable and wanted to hear a friendly voice...that he didn't have to call.  He did anyway and we talked for a while.  He said it sounded like Wyoming's issue. 

I couldn't resist texting Wyoming that I had started calling the guys in my phonebook and none of them remember me as smelly or lousy in bed.  If he caught me on a bad day (we were riding around in the heat on his bike) we could easily have remedied that if he'd used a little tact and said, "Let's freshen up first, babe..."  I added that since he is being disappointed by every woman he is meeting it may be time to consider the common denominator - him.

I really had started to think things might work out.  I'm so disappointed.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mokulua Islands Seabird Sanctuary

We paddled out to the island on the left. 

I signed up for a guided kayak tour (click link for more info) out to Mokulua Island where the seabird sanctuary is located.  Ocean kayaking is much more strenuous than I expected.  Paddling the lake is tiring, but paddling against a current that wants to either push you in to shore or out to sea is exhausting.  I believe I would have made it eventually, but I was slower than the rest of the group.  Other than one of our two guides, I was the only woman in a solo kayak, the others were paddling tandem.  I was grateful for the assistance when the guides hooked up a line to my boat and helped pull me along.  It took around an hour to reach the island.  I also got a little seasick.  Thankfully, the guides had some Dramamine.

Wedge-Tailed Shearwater

Once ashore, we hiked around to the back side of the island to view some of the birds and the Queen's Bath.  There is a large tidepool around 6 feet deep that the queen and her children used to bathe in.  Some of the guys jumped in.  A few large waves hit, tossed them around, and bloodied their arms and legs.  I would not recommend letting your children jump in unless they are excellent swimmers.  There were several fledgling birds along the trail that seemed to not be bothered by our presence at all.  I took a photo of a wedge-tailed shearwater that looked back at us from his resting spot among some rocks. 

Lanakai Beach

Next, we paddled to Lanakai beach for lunch.  I caught a wave on the way.  I heard it coming up behind me, paddled as hard as I could, and zoomed past the guide who said, "You didn't tell me you knew how to kayak surf!"  I don't really.  It was almost an accident.  I caught another one completely by accident as I was landing on the shore.

The tour guides packed sandwiches, chips, and drinks for us, and provided snorkels for those who wanted to explore the reef.  Everyone was saying they couldn't see much and I was tired, so I just relaxed in the sand.  A local guy came up and started talking to me.  He was telling me about island life and how doing business here is different from the mainland.  Everyone has been so nice to me.  It really is a laid-back place.  No one is ever in a hurry.

After lunch, it was much easier to paddle back to Kailua Beach because the current was pushing somewhat in that direction and we didn't have to fight as much.  The guides helped me out a little bit along the way, but I did most of the paddling myself.  Even when they were towing, I kept paddling and didn't make them do all the work.  I was exhausted.  I went back to my hotel and went to sleep.      

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hawaiian Sunset

I got to spend a few hours with Wyoming today.  He took me around Waikiki on the back of his Harley and then to lunch.  I was worried that I was a secret since he never did add me on Facebook, but that is definitely not the case.  We went to Aloha Towers, where he works, and he introduced me to a few people.  We stepped into a shop where he said they have a bird all the rock stars take pictures with.  The birds were cute, but my favorite was the friendly little lizard with what looked like three horns on his face - like a miniature Triceratops.  He started on my hand and climbed until he was on top of my sunglasses.  Wyoming took the picture with his cell phone and then texted to me, so you can't click to enlarge.  I wish he was more visible.  The bird is not on my head and not pecking at the lizard...

He had to work this evening, so I headed to the zoo by myself.  I got there at 4:00 and they close at 5:30, so they gave me a free ticket for tomorrow to see whatever I missed today.  The animals are more active early in the morning and the evening so that may not be a bad idea to do on purpose.  I took video of the White-Handed Gibbon showing off.

After the zoo closed, I walked across the street to Queen's Surf Beach where I watched the sun go down.  I just missed getting a picture of one of the sailboats casting a shadow in front of the sun as it was disappearing below the horizon.  My camera kept focusing on the trees and I couldn't get past them in time.  I'll have 5 more evenings to get the perfect photograph of a Hawaiian sunset. 

Monday, November 15, 2010


Image from Flickr.

I spent all day traveling and am exhausted.  Wyoming was teasing me about flying Continental because the last time he flew they didn't feed him, didn't show a movie, didn't provide any pillows or blankets...they got nothing.  That was not my experience at all. There was a pillow and blanket on every seat when I boarded.  They rolled out the drink cart at least 4 times and came around offering cold water a few times in addition to that.  They fed us twice - one hot pocket type meal and then a cold sandwich later.  Airplane food has never been that good.  A sandwich is as appetizing as any of that other stuff they used to offer. 

We also had video screens on the seat backs.  I've heard rumors of those, but this is the first time I've been on a flight that had them.  It took me a few minutes to figure out how to turn it on and my neighbor had to help me find the games.  I also had to buy one of their $3 headphones because I couldn't get to mine.  They are yours to keep, however, and you can even plug your own headphones into the adaptor.  In flight entertainment was free.  I watched CSI episodes, Salt starring Angelina Jolie (disappointing, glad it was free), and played card games. 

I took a shuttle bus to Waikiki.  They are located just outside the baggage claim area.  It is 9 dollars one way or $15 round trip.  I'm finally checked into my room and ready to rest up for tomorrow.  I can't wait!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Little Black Dress

I've been too excited to concentrate on anything.  I can't believe I'm finally going to Hawaii in the morning.  Woo hoo!

I spent all day shopping today.  I was only going to pick up a few things but I saw a dress that I couldn't resist.  It's a black halter dress with a collar that looks like a gold choke necklace and a keyhole cutout that provides just a tiny peek of cleavage.  It's been over a year since I bought a new dress and this one actually fit off the rack.  A size 4!  I was looking for a 6 and was annoyed that all they had was the 4 and an 8.  I was shocked.       

Then I had to head to Victoria's Secret to get a strapless bra to wear under it.  They had a sale on pretties so, of course, I had to get some of them.  They were 7 for $25.  I couldn't pass that up.  Oh, and we can't wear a nice dress without the right accessories.  I hunted until I found just the right earrings, bracelet, shoes, and handbag.   

Now I just got off the phone with Wyoming who told me not to even bother bringing any pants, just shorts.  Hawaii is a very laid-back, casual place.  "Don't even bring socks", he said.  "Flip flops is what you'll be wearing."  He laughed at me for shopping before I got to one of the best places on earth to shop.  I guess he's never been to The Galleria in Houston and so he doesn't realize I don't need to go all the way to Hawaii for that.  In fact, other than souvenirs, shopping is the last thing I want to do when I get there.  

He doesn't know it yet, but he's going to help me find a place to wear that dress, dammit.  It's been a long time since I got all gussied up.   

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Facebook Creeps

Wyoming and I are actually getting along very well now.  He's talking about spending as much time as possible with me during my initial visit next week and wanting me to move in with him if all goes well.  He's not talking just as friends, either.  He's using the words "relationship" and "couple".  *gasp*  Apparently, he couldn't wrap his head around the distance issue.  When he found out I was considering a move, his attitude changed.  I'm trying not to ruin it by starting another fight involving Facebook.    

He's back on Facebook but I'm no longer his friend.  He deleted me when we were fighting.  Yes, I sent a request.  I'm more than a little annoyed because that girl that moved in with them for 3 days and they kicked her out is still on his friend list.  I hate myself for being so jealous.  It's just Facebook.  I can't think of much that would be dumber to fight over.  I like all of you guys, but you're not invited to my Facebook page.  I really can understand not adding someone you found on the internet until you get more than 3 hours together in real life.  So why does it feel like a slap in the face?

Should I insist that he add me if I do end up moving in?  I want that relationship status to say "in a relationship" with ME! 

I don't want to be guilty of the behavior in today's video, though.  Plus, I've got a blog that I don't let anyone read...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Avon Giveaway and Update: Inventory

I took advantage of my 40% discount on my first four campaigns by stocking up on items that were on sale.  Some of the products were already on sale for 50% off or more and I got my rep discount on top of that.  For instance, a Skin So Soft hand cream that normally sells for $3 was on sale for $1 and  I paid 60 cents.   Eye liners that normally sell for $5 were on sale for $2 and I paid $1.20.  I've acquired quite an inventory.  I suspect I have close to $1000 worth of merchandise, but I spent less than $400.  I'll know for sure once I'm done documenting all of it. 

I spent a couple of hours putting together a spreadsheet of my inventory including products, color, regular price, current campaign price, etc.  I'm at 101 items and I'm still not done.  I was originally marking prices on the merchandise, but since that can change every two weeks it has become too time consuming.  The spreadsheet will make it much easier once it's complete.

I'm going to use my inventory to put together a prize package to carry when I'm going door to door.  Anyone who gives me their contact information will be entered into a monthly drawing.  I've put one together to give away on my blog as well.

The included items:

1) Skin So Soft mini - 1.7 fl. oz. - original creamy body wash - value $0.99
2) Skin So Soft mini - 1.7 fl. oz. - soft & sensual replenishing body lotion - value $0.99
3) Skin So Soft - 3.4 fl. oz. - soft & sensual replenishing hand cream - value $3.00
4) Healthy Makeup eyeshadow - platinum - value $8.00
5) Healthy Makeup lipstick - Fresh Berry - value $9.00
6) Big Color Eye Pencil - slate - value $6.00
7) Ultra Luxury Eye Liner - metallic turquoise - value $5.00
8) Glazewear Lip Gloss - iced pink - value $6.00
9) Speed Dry Nail Enamel - electric purple - value $4.50
10)  Avon naturals shower gel - pomegranate & mango - value $6.00

Total Value = $49.50.  Shall we round up to $50?  This is a better prize than my other giveaways, so you must follow my blog to be eligible to win.

To enter:

One REQUIRED entry:  Follow my blog with GFC and leave a comment.  After you have completed the required entry, you may earn additional entries by completing the below: 

3 additional entries:  Register on my Avon website (no purchase required).  Leave 3 separate comments.

2 additional entries:  Follow me on Twitter.!/Jnnfr271  Leave 2 separate comments.

1 additional entry:  Tweet about this contest.  Be sure to include a link to this post, not my blog main. Leave 1 additional comment.

The winner will be chosen using, will be notified by email, and will have 48 hours to respond.  Please remember to leave a valid email address in your comment if it is not visible on your public profile.

Contest closed.  Congratulations to Shanee.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hawaii, Haircuts, and Hurt Feelings

hair cut, originally uploaded by Sjafiroeddin, C.
Image from Flickr.

I wanted to get my hair cut before I go to Hawaii, so I scheduled an appointment with my favorite hairdresser, the same one who did the keratin treatment. My daughter was looking at me funny last night.

"Did you straighten your hair?" she asked.

"Claudia did."

"You got your hair cut?"

"I'll let you do it next time, I promise. I want you to color it before I go to Hawaii."

I know she's good at cutting hair, but mine has a mind of it's own. My bangs will shrink to tiny little spikes that stand upright if you're not very careful. Claudia understands my hair.

I think I hurt her feelings. I feel like a horrible mother.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I've Been Served

Back off, I'll take you on...

  - Trapt

He came knocking 10:00 p.m.!  My daughter called to say she was afraid to come home because he was lurking outside the door.  This made me so angry, I threw open the door and started yelling at him.  He took a step back, his eyes wide.  

He did have papers to serve.  One of my creditors is suing me in small claims court.  While there is no garnishment of wages in Texas, they might be able to attach (is that the right word?) my bank account.  I guess I'll be visiting a lawyer next week.  Maybe a deal can be made out of court.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

He's Back

Make no sound, tip-toe across the floor
If he hears, he'll knock all day

  - Men at Work

Last night, there was somebody knocking on the door again.  I tried to look through the peephole, but I'm too short (5'1"), so my daughter (5'7") took a turn.  "I can't see anything.  The porch light is out.  All I can see is black."

Not wanting to answer the door if we were not expecting anyone and couldn't see who it was, we ignored him.  We were tip-toeing around and whispering like we forgot to buy Halloween candy, trying not to make any noise.  He kept knocking for at least 20 minutes.  No wonder my daughter was scared.  He left another PI card.  Did I mention the name on the front is not the same name he scribbled on the back?  The phone number is different, as well.

Today - more loud knocking.  This time he left and then came back.  He also started pounding on the door across the hall and left a card on both.  These are different cards, though.  He left not PI cards, but Texas Process Server business cards with the name that was on the back of the PI cards.  Sound shady yet?

Both times I was served before - divorce papers and when my ex sued for custody - a constable delivered the papers.  What does a Texas Process Server deliver?  Why doesn't he answer the phone or return calls explaining the nature of his visit?  And why is he trying to involve my neighbors?     

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Calm Down...It's Not That Serious

Image from Flickr.

I know most teachers don't get the respect they deserve. To all of those wonderful teachers my daughter has had over the years...THANK YOU...and this post is not for you. This post is for the lame teachers that call for dumbass reasons. Like the one that had my daughter call me at work because she left her folder in her locker. Seriously? You called me at work for that. Tell her to go get it. Take points off her daily participation grade.

Today, I received an email from her Cosmotology teacher asking me to call. She lost her clippers. I had to listen to her go on and on about how she gave a list of supplies at the beginning of the school year and clippers was on it, but my daughter never spoke up and said she needed any. She had the opportunity to order some clippers and didn't. Of course I had to state the obvious and tell her she probably had her clippers at the beginning of the school year. Maybe she took them to her father's to cut his hair and lost them. I kept trying to interrupt and ask, "What would you like me to do about the clippers?" Finally, I was told we could purchase some at Sally's Beauty Supply.

Was it really necessary to use so many of my minutes for that? Could she not have just asked me in the email to please purchase some clippers? Did it require this much drama?

I'm seriously considering notifying all of her teachers that I am happy to schedule a conference concerning her progress if warranted, but if they are asking for an urgent returned call there had better be something on fire or at least some blood.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blog Hops



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Avon Update and Giveaway: Writer's Cramp

When you order 100 brochures to pass out, you have to write your name, telephone number, and website 100 times.  I need to invest in a stamp. 

I've given up writing my email address because no one can read it.  I've also stopped writing an expiration date because it's too confusing.  You can only shop from the current brochure online, but I can sell out of 3 brochures at a time (very helpful to new reps).  I was trying to put both dates on the brochures, but I'm not sure customers really understood.  I've decided that in the interest of gaining new customers it's best to honor the prices listed in whatever brochure she's got in her hands.    

I've started my Christmas shopping!  Avon has stocking stuffers and Secret Santa gifts galore, some of which are pictured above.  I bought hand creams, lip balms, and bubble bath minis to put in little gift bags for my family and friends.  Money is tight this year, so I'm on a limited budget.  These were perfect.  The earrings were $6 for the set of 2 boxes, and the other items were less than a dollar each. 

If you have people in your life who might appreciate these in their stockings, you can buy them from my online store:   

I'm going to ask some of my friends and customers if they will host Avon parties for me.  I'd like to stock up on seasonal merchandise to have on hand.  Once again, I'm asking for help to decide what to buy.  I'm giving away the above earring set to one lucky winner.  To enter, click here then leave in a comment which jewelry giftset you'd be most likely to give to someone.  You guys can participate, too.  You know you've got Secret Santa gifts to buy as well as shopping for your sisters, daughters, girlfriends, wives...      

I'm experimenting with extra entries on this one.  In addition to the required entry mentioned above, for each of the following you can earn one additional entry.  Leave one comment for each:

1)  Follow my blog on Google Friend Connect.
2)  Register at my e store (no purchase required):

The winner will be selected using  Last day to enter:  November 24, 2010. 
Don't forget to leave your email address if it's not on your public profile.

CONTEST CLOSED.  Congratulations to Emily.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I Hear You Knockin'

...but you can't come in...

Today I found a private investigator's card on my door with a note on the back to please call.  In my experience, these people don't easily go away so I thought I could make a quick call, answer a few questions, and be done with it.  I left him a voice mail:  "I found your card on my door.  I'm not sure what this is about."  I did not leave my name or number.  If he was hired by the person I think, he already has that info.

I went for a bike ride and my phone started vibrating.  It was my daughter.  "There's a man in a suit at the door and he won't go away." 

Now I'm annoyed.  Can he not just return a phone call?  I called his number again.  Of course he still didn't answer.  Now I'm pissed.  "If that's you at my door, I'm not home and you're scaring my daughter.  GO AWAY!"

Then I texted the new guy.  "Does the PI at my door belong to your wife?"  He says no, he can't imagine why she would still have PI's checking up on him.  My money says he's the one getting played...

I did not hurry home for that idiot.  I rode an additional 5 miles before returning to find another card from the same PI's office with the same note on the back.  Maybe I'll call him again tomorrow, maybe I won't. 

I didn't get laid.  Not even phone sex.  We never so much as kissed.  At least let me sin a little if I'm going to have to deal with all this drama.     


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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just Go

Instead of making me better, you keep making me ill...
     - Pink

The new guy told me he's trying to work things out with his wife, so why is he still texting me?  I can understand keeping your options open when you first meet someone...until you know if it's going anywhere...might even agree that's the smart thing to do...if you're not married.  What's his wife going to think if she finds that on his phone now?  Not cool.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'll Miss Houston Food

Image from Flickr.

I have 15 days to get my bikini body on. I need to limit eating out and absolutely no more fast food. I just ate my last Homestyle Angus Burger from McDonald's for a while. Angus beef with lots of mustard and pepper, no mayonnaise...mmmmm. They have McDonald's everywhere but you can only get this burger in Texas. I'm going to miss it...and Tex-Mex. Can I even find fajitas in Honolulu? Or chili con queso?

Houston actually has quite a variety of good food. We have Vietnamese noodle houses, Taquerias, Italian, Thai, the best steak houses on earth (Japanese and Texan), Gulf seafood, Cajun, sushi...anything you can think of with enough competition that they have to be good or they won't stay in business very long. I'm a little spoiled, I think.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Garnishment of Wages

Free of credit cards, originally uploaded by pongky ©.
Image from Flickr.

In the great state of Texas, credit card companies are not allowed to garnish wages so they're not likely to do anything except lower your credit score. I just checked Hawaii, however, and they can take 20% of my disposable income. Ack!

Is it just the credit card companies that can do it, I wonder, or can the companies that bought my debt do it as well?

That's not going to stop me from going. It is all the more reason to try to sell as much Avon as possible.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Not us. Image from Flickr.

"Wanna go for a ride?" asked my daughter.

"Yes!" I struggled not to jump up and down squealing like a little girl. My daughter wants to go for a bike ride with me! Yay!

I couldn't find my inhaler, but went anyway. We made it 7 miles with no problem. She outpaced me. I wonder if it would have been the other way around had I used my inhaler before we left. The last time I tried without medicating myself first, I made it less than a mile. My asthma is improving. Hooray again!

P.S. Apparently there was a naked bike ride recently, which I discovered searching for a photo on Flickr. There may be permanent vision (and psychological) damage...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Telephone Sale

Image from Flickr.

I got my first Avon sale via telephone! She found one of the brochures I left in an apartment complex laundry room, so guess what I'm doing tommorrow? I should probably avoid the ones with signs that say "No Soliciting", or that have access gates. I'll see how many apartment complexes I can find that have neither.

Ack! I already placed my order, which means I have to pay shipping on a second order placed in the same campaign. I also forgot to mention the 75 cent customer fee in my excitement, so I'm not charging her. Lesson learned: Start your orders ahead of time, but don't hit send until the last minute.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Have a Full-Time Job

Avon!  Yep.  I keep reading in my research online and some of the comments you guys have made that the people who are able to earn significant money selling Avon are the ones who put in the work, just like any other new business.  So, for the next few weeks I'm going to put in some serious hours.  I went door-to-door  again.  I also decorated the bulletin boards in all three laundry rooms on the property with my brochures. (Above is one of the big ones we buy and three of the smaller ones that ship free with our orders.)  I'm ordering 100 brochures and the goal is to give them all out in less than two weeks.  It's a 20 dollar investment.  We'll see if it pays off.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Revolving Door

080409 revolving door-1, originally uploaded by Dan4th.
Image from Flickr.

Yep. We were right not to get too involved with the new guy. I got another text today that things had changed a lot for him in the past few weeks...his wife wants to work things out. I think he's stupid to go back to someone who keeps throwing him out, but that's not my decision. Besides, I don't want anyone who doesn't want me.

Wow.  This one didn't even last long enough to get a proper nickname...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Flip Side of Jealousy

Image from Flickr.

Text from the new guy:
"I think my wife found your number in my phone...hopefully she won't call you..."

I called and said, "That woman doesn't frighten me."

Evil troublemaker me wants to send a few suggestive texts and a photo for her to "find". She threw him out and filed for divorce. What business does she have looking at his phone? And he can add whoever he wants on Facebook.

Logical me knows that will be counter-productive. Besides, there may be more to his story than he's telling. All the more reason to make sure we keep it at a friendship level and not even be alone together until he sorts all this out...I don't need the drama...but maybe I'll be in Hawaii by then...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Avon Giveaway and Update: My First e-Customer!

I logged into my Avon account to find I've acquired my first local e-Customer!  She placed an order for 92 dollars!  Hooray!  I Googled her address and saw that she does not live in one of the neighborhoods where I passed out the flyers or knocked on doors, though.  She must have seen an Avon commercial and done a search for her local representative. 

I only get my automatic 40% discount for new reps on one more campaign, so I'm going to start selling my inventory for current brochure prices.  I can buy on sale for half off, then sell at full price.  If it goes back on sale, I'll be able to honor the lower price and still make 20%.  Maybe since things are so much more expensive in Hawaii, I'll have more customers there.  Avon is very reasonably priced and good quality to boot.  The only thing I hated as a customer was waiting for delivery.  I probably would have bought more if my rep had the products on hand, so that's what I'm going to try to do as much as possible.

You guys always give me an idea of what colors to buy when you tell me your faves, so I'm hosting another giveaway.  Glimmersticks for eyes, brows and lips will be on sale soon and I want to stock up while they cost less.  They'll be 4 for $10 (regular price $6 each), so you can do the same on my website 10/27 thru 11/09. .  If you want to shop today thru 10/26, you can stock up on  Wash-Off Waterproof Mascara for $1.99 (regular price $6.50).  Use Glimmersticks or Wash-off Waterproof Mascara as your search words.

I will give away one Glimmerstick.  To enter, click here and choose any of the options except the $25 collection and tell me your favorite color.  I'll know which one you chose by the color name.  I already checked and there aren't any duplicates. 

Please remember to leave an email address in the comment if it's not visible on your profile.

**Last day to enter is 11/09/2010.

CONTEST CLOSED.  Congratulations to KelseyA.  I'm a little late notifying...

Friday, October 22, 2010

It's On

I've only used Monster, Craig's List, and Yellow Pages so far...I need to give this a try...

I've updated my resume and begun sending them to companies in Hawaii.  I actually found two listings in the import / export business on Craig's List.  I don't know how seriously they'll take an applicant who isn't local, but maybe my 13 years of industry experience will make them curious enough to at least call.  I'm looking up temp agencies on the island and registering with them as well.

One of the websites didn't allow me to fill out an application online but had a PDF file to print, complete, and fax.  Where can I fax to a long distance number?  Does Kinkos do that?

I also bought my plane ticket and reserved my room in Waikiki for a week.  And no, I didn't put it on my new credit card.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Avon Calling

I actually put a little effort into my Avon business by going door to door in my neighborhood.  I chose one street and armed myself with brochures, perfume samples, and some of the product inventory I've acquired.

The first woman who answered the door said she loved Avon and welcomed me into her home.  She was so excited, I'm adding her to my email list and told her I'd call before I placed my order if she'd like.  She bought some lip gloss on the spot and said she'd look through the brochure. She probably would have bought some lip liner, but I left that at home.  The bag was heavy enough with the stuff I did take.  I'll drive next time so I can bring it all. 

She also asked if I had any plumping lipstick.  It never occurred to me to buy any of that because one thing I don't need is bigger lips.  Is that something that a lot of people like to use? 

Another woman was trying to find some Avon lipstick she was out of and wanted more.  She couldn't find it.  Too bad I didn't take lipstick samples with me - I could have said, "Here.  Try some of these."  I'm going to order every lipstick sample I can so I'll be ready next time.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

FICO = Confusing Voodoo Numbers

Since I'm going to be job and apartment hunting soon, I decided it was time to check on my credit score.  Ack! 

I have a bunch of charged off accounts.  According to Suze Ormann, " If the state statute of limitations hasn't yet run out, paying something on your charged-off accounts will not help clear up your credit report and may start the collection agencies' clock ticking anew, so once again, think hard before you do this. Only time will repair your credit report-specifically, the seven years it takes until the credit bureau must, by law, remove the debt notation."  So, paying off these debts will not improve my score. I should have sued my ex for child support much sooner instead of letting him bully me and using credit cards to bridge the gap.

Also, I should have kept at least one or two of my credit card accounts active. I have on time payments for 2 cars, but that's not enough.  I need to have a credit card account to improve my score, but I don't qualify for a good rate on an unsecured card and I refuse to pay the ridiculous annual fees and interest the others charge.  I decided to apply for a secured card instead.  I started with my own bank, half expecting to be denied since one of my charged off accounts is with them.  Surprise!  I'm approved.  Using this card will improve my score since, unlike prepaid cards, it is reported to the credit bureaus.

Lesson learned:  Whether you've gotten into financial trouble or done the good deed and paid off all of your cards, keep the one you've had the longest open with a small balance which you pay on time.   

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hands Up, Chin Down

My old gym.  They left a message on my recorder asking me if I wanted to help with the commercial and I didn't check my messages until the day after it filmed.  I missed my big break.  :(


He did try to give me his new number.  I got a text from an 808 number that I thought was spam, but it was him.  I feel a little stupid.  Why am I letting such trivial things bother me?  That must come off as more than a little insecure, which is not attractive. 
I'm trusting myself.  I've been solo traveling for a long time now.  I've got more than enough money to get my own room and to get myself home.  I've also got several years of Kung Fu and Muay Thai. 

I'm booking a round trip ticket, but I will be going prepared to start looking for a job and a place to stay.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Clock is ticking while I'm stealing time
Can't you turn it back?
Stop the cycle set it free and run away

- Lacuna Coil

The last time we talked, Wyoming told me how excited he was about my visit and had changed his tune from my coming just as a friend to hoping that we got along so well that I'd be rooming with him in his actual bedroom - that maybe we'd be in a relationship.  Apparently, they didn't get the house they wanted and the one they did get isn't as big.  It was less scary when we were just going to be friends and I'd have my own room.

The very next day, I tried to call and got a recording that the number has been changed, disconnected, or is no longer in service.  I was trying to let him know when I'd be there.  I'm tempted to email the dates I'll be in Hawaii and that I hope to see him, but if he doesn't give me the new number I will not be attempting any more contact with him ever.  I'm already trying way too hard.

I'm debating whether to go ahead with my plans or delay them for a couple of months.  If I choose to go, I'm not going to visit the beach near his house hoping to bump into him, or the club(s) where he works.  If he happens to call, I might decide to let him know I'm there.  Otherwise, he hopefully won't have a clue.    

I should be able to keep busy enough to not think about him too much, right?  And it's not like he's the only good-looking guy in Hawaii...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Searching for More Baskets

Eggs in my basket

Since July, Wyoming has gone from:

- I'm putting all my eggs in one basket.  I want to see where this goes.


- You should be going on dates.  We're not a couple.
- Nothing can happen right now.  Maybe in a year things might be different.
- I'm not too interested any more.
- You can come be a roommate, but you have to come as a friend.  We're not in a relationship.

And now:

-Come for a visit and let's see how things go.  Maybe we'll get along great and decide we're going to be a couple.

He's giving me whiplash.

I am getting excited about my trip to Hawaii, but I'm in I'll-believe-it-when-it-happens mode when it comes to any kind of relationship with Wyoming. I'm not even going to wait for him to confirm the dates before I book my trip.  I do hope I get to see him. I may even spend a couple of hours sobbing if I don't. I will get over it, though.  I'm still scared to go it alone, but doing it anyway.  Better to rely on myself than someone who may or may not come through for me.

I'll sign up with temp agencies while I'm there and start scoping out alternative plans for housing.  Craig's List is full of people searching for roommates.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


A Beginner's Guide to Research
Image from Flickr.

I've been reading up on making a move to Hawaii.  There's a lot of information and advice available on the internet.

Bring 10,000 dollars.  - check (twice)
Find a roommate.  -  working on that
Be open to finding whatever work is available.  -  OK
Be prepared to work two or more part-time jobs before you find your dream job. -  Can do.
Some even suggest you can camp out for awhile.  I don't mind sleeping in a tent...

I think Wyoming was half-joking when he threw out the offer.  I don't know how his friends will feel about bringing in some chick he found on the internet.  I let him know I wouldn't be showing up with 750 dollars to my name and expecting them to help me out like that last girl did.  I'll take a drug test. I'll come for a visit and meet everyone first.  I'm very serious.

I think I'm still going to do it even if this falls through.  I'm so ready for a fresh start somewhere I can hardly stand it.  I am afraid to go it alone until after my daughter graduates, though, so preparing Plan B just in case.  What does one have to do to become a  bartender in Texas?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Demented Devil Cat

Aaaw...what an adorable kitty...NOT!!!

My sister came to visit and my sweet, loving Faith turned into a  monster.  I awoke to the sound of hissing and very loud yowls such as you hear when strays are fighting outside.  My sister was hiding in my daughter's bedroom saying, "She tried to kill me," through the closed door.  I've witnessed her hissing and spitting at guests and I've heard stories of her chasing the maintenance men out of my apartment, but I've never seen her behaving quite so badly.

Lord help anyone who tries to break in here.  I've got an attack cat.     

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Exchanging Pics

I used to post lots of pics of myself on another blog.  I enjoyed the attention at first.  I went in the complete opposite direction with this one.     

I also used to send seductive pictures to men when they asked.  I never sent any to Wyoming.  When he said he was sending pics I would tell him to keep it PG.  When the conversation started to get intimate, I'd shut him down immediately.  For two years.  He says he never knew if any affection would be welcome.  He didn't know if I was interested in him like that.  Guess I overdid it.  After two years I finally sent a few sexy, but still PG-13 pics.  The above is one of them.  Sorry guys, you don't get to see the rest.

After I sent them I thought, "Maybe I should have put some makeup on.  Or done something with my hair."  I've gotten so used to taking photos without doing either that I just didn't even think about it.  Oops...    

I've also told him I'm very interested in taking him up on that rommate offer, if he's serious.  I have 13 years experience in import/export and he's on an island where everything has to be shipped in.  I'll pay 2 months rent before I move in (more if they ask).  I want that room no matter what happens with us.  I'm not chasing a guy, I'm chasing a career opportunity.  I know people aren't going to see it that way, though.  I'm going to get a lot of flack...  

Monday, October 11, 2010

Should I?

I've been on a ride
And caught up in the landslide
But I'm gonna spread my wings and fly...

- Nikka Costa

Couldn't find an official video.   BSG almost as good.  Dare you to click play and not dance...

Wow.  What a difference a couple of days make.  He's now saying things like he doesn't want to lose me and we're talking seriously about a visit.  He has even suggested that they are looking for another roommate and I could come as a friend.  I think I'm completely losing my mind because I'm considering it.

I've been dreaming of living in Hawaii since high school.  Right now, I still have enough money to come home if I can't find a good job.  If I continue the way I am, I'll be completely broke by the time my daughter graduates - maybe before.  Perhaps I should go for a couple of months while still holding onto my apartment here?  If things work out with him, wonderful.  If I end up with a great job in Hawaii - hooray.  If neither happens, I come home.

If my daughter wasn't still in school, I'd already be booking my flight. She's 18 in a couple of months. She could stay here with some financial assistance and someone to check on her.  She's still my first priority.  I have to give this some serious thought.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rise Above This

I'll mend myself before it gets me...

Thanks for all of your support, guys.  The stress of unemployment is getting to me.  Disappointments have been amplified.  My insecurity is causing problems.  I need to go get some kind of job SOON.  Someone suggested a way to get some stress release (you need to get laid)...I'm working on that.  I'm not willing to go do that with just anyone, but it may be years before I get married again and sorry to my ultra-conservative readers - I love you and respect your views, but I'm not waiting that long. 

You attract what you are and I'm a mess.  I'll get better, though.

I was going to add this as a comment in response to some of you, but realized I'd written a post:

No dislike of men, just frustration. Some of them need to be kicked out.

I've talked to both guys and everything is fine now.

The new guy's attorney has advised him it's best not to go looking for a girlfriend just yet. I think it's better to wait until his divorce is final, too.

Wyoming and I are talking about visiting again, but not even trying to pretend we're in a relationship...yet...

No, it's not just about sex. We've not even kissed yet. I never will believe that with him because he's a musician with beautiful groupies throwing that at him. I know men find me attractive, but he could easily find a hotter piece that is far less demanding and much more accessible. Your average guy will say or do just about anything long enough to get laid. Your rockstar type will say, "that's too much effort for some sex" and he'll mean it.  

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Que Sera Sera

I break tradition, sometimes my tries, are outside the lines
We've been conditioned to not make mistakes, but I can't live that way

-Natasha Bedingfield

I've been remembering how happy I was before, when I wasn't so worried about the future.  I was enjoying today.  I've been single since 1995, and I have not been miserable for 15 years.  I've been pretty darned happy.  I kept men around as long as I enjoyed their company.  When being with them was no longer fun, I kicked them out.  I want to go back to those days.  

I can't help thinking if I hadn't been so concerned with where we were headed, maybe things would be different.  Maybe if I just relaxed and let things happen instead of trying to make them happen...

I accepted the call from Wyoming.  And I'm still talking to the new guy.  I don't have any idea if either one will be in my future and I'm actually okay with that. 

Yes, I would still like to be in a relationship if I find the right person.  That may take a while.  Not everyone is going to be okay with me taking off on road trips alone.  I've been told I'm different more than once...and it wasn't always a compliment. 

P.S.  Every time I talk to the new guy, he asks if I've heard from "that guy in Hawaii."  Every time I talk to Wyoming, he asks if I'm seeing anybody.  I respond, "I'm talking to someone," but I give them each as few details as possible.  What the hell?  I thought you guys didn't want to hear us talking about other men.        

Friday, October 8, 2010

Off the Hook

Incoming call...
Image from Flickr.

I have a prepaid cell phone because I don't spend much time on the phone.  I buy 1000 minutes for 100 dollars and it takes 3 to 6 months for me to use them all.  Suddenly this week, everyone is calling.

First, my stylist friend called because she needed a hair model.  I got a free keratin treatment out of the deal and I love my hair!  It's smooth, shiny, and not frizzy at all, even in the Houston humidity.

Then my sister called.  She's coming down for a visit and wants to stay a night with me.  Now I really do need to get my apartment cleaned up.

Next, the new guy called.  He says he's getting his stuff moved out of his house and he's talking to a lawyer.  I know that marriage was over before he met me, but it feels a little strange being the catalyst.

Another friend called saying she saw my Avon flyers.  She had been trying to recruit me to sell Mary Kay, so she thought I was avoiding her, thinking she'd be mad.  I did wonder if she'd be hurt, but I always knew she'd still be my friend.

My daughter even called...from her bedroom.  She was home sick from school.  "Can you bring me some orange juice?"

And one call very late in the evening.  I stared in disbelief at the caller ID, letting it ring for a while.  No way.  Wyoming...



Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Deja Vu

Don’t want your hand this time
I’ll save myself
Maybe I’ll wake up for once


The new guy says he really wants to see me but he's going through a divorce and his ex has hired someone to follow him taking pictures.  (For what purpose?  Texas is a no-fault, community property state.) 

I want to see you but... Didn't I just end this game with someone else?  Don't want to play any more. 

Me:  Having a deja vu moment.
Him:  Deja vu moment?
Me:  Like maybe I should tell you to call me when you're ready to do some of these things we're talking about.
Him:  I can't wait.
Me:  Good.  Go sort out whatever you need to sort out then come back and prove it.
Him:  I will.

I'll let you know if and when he does.  

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Huntsville State Park

I'm trying to keep busy.  This weekend it was a camping trip at Huntsville State Park.  Those are just a few of our tents pictured above.  I've had that Timber Creek tent for over 10 years now.  I bought it on sale at Academy for $25.  They don't generally get very good reviews, but I've had no major problems with mine.  I did get wet once, but a three-dollar bottle of seam sealer took care of that.  Now it has to rain very hard for a very long time and then maybe a tablespoon or two of water will get in - not enough to ruin a trip.  I've never had it collapse on me, either, no matter how hard the wind blew. 

We went for a hike around the lake and found 7 geocaches.  I dropped off some travel bugs I've had for too long.  I thought I took pictures of them, but I can't find any.  Remember the Boy Scouts pinewood derby cars?  They made some they are racing as TB's.  Anyone interested in viewing the trackable or where it's been can click here.  "Prizes will be awarded for cars that travel the farthest, pass through the most hands, and have the most creative route, among others," according to the website.   

We had an armored visitor to our campsite.  It's unusual to see armadillos during the daytime, much less one that strolls into camp despite there being 20 people and 3 dogs around.  I heard him rustling around at night, too.  I spotted him on my way to the bathroom.  People staring and taking pics don't phaze him, but he didn't like a flashlight shining on his back.  

At the end of the weekend, I put out my Avon on the picnic table and actually sold a few items.  I made my first sale!  Woo hoo!         

Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

The answer...
Image from Flickr.

I didn't even remember it was my birthday until I noticed all the comments on my Facebook wall.  Am I really 42?  I don't feel it. 

I didn't do anything to celebrate my birthday.  I should treat myself to something tomorrow.  Not sure what.       

Sunday, October 3, 2010

One of Those

brian finke frat boys
Image from Flickr.

(724): About to fuck some random fraternity guy I met at a party. I guess this would be the right time to say I don't want to be with you anymore. :  At least I didn't send that.

I've become one of those insane women that make men cringe.  I've completely lost my mind.  I don't know how many texts I sent that last day - and kept sending even though he wasn't responding.  I kept changing my mind, apologizing then saying, "No!  I meant it!" ten minutes later. 

I should have unleashed my madness here.  I should type late night texts and emails here and hit publish instead of hitting send on my cell.  The diary of a crazy woman might even be more interesting to read than, "Everything's great.  I have a perfect life."

He did finally reply that he's no longer interested.  Can I at least console myself in the fact that he probably had already decided whether or not he was going to pursue a relationship with me and it really didn't make much difference what I did at that point?  I get the impression I just gave him a convenient way to blame it all on me, it wasn't going to happen anyway.