Friday, November 27, 2009

Top 5 Things for Which I'm Thankful

Thursday, November 26

1)  I am thankful for my daughter.
2)  I am thankful for my friends.
3)  I am thankful for the roof over my head.
4)  I am thankful for the food in my fridge.

I normally hold my tips until after I'm done at a table instead of betting them like a lot of people do.  Whenever I bet them, I usually lose.  The dealer this time told me, "You are a lucky woman.  And you never tip."  She was very rude, not like most dealers at my favorite casino who are friendly and a lot of fun.  How does she know I don't ever tip?  She had never met me before and I had not yet left.

I still tipped her because I don't aspire to be like her.  I took ten dollars off the top of my winnings before passing them to be colored up.  Instead of thanking me she rolled her eyes and muttered that I must have lost count - I'm assuming because the total was 390 dollars instead of 400.    

5)  I am thankful that I am not as miserable and hateful as that blackjack dealer.


LL Cool Joe said...

I've never gambled in a Casino. I mean I've been to quite a few in Vegas and Atlantic City, but I've just never been interested in giving it a go. My partner does, and always wins.

Sage said...

Just tell them your Canadian... Years ago, when I lived in Nevada, the dealers I knew always tried to take vacation on the weeks when there were lots of Canadians since they supposedly didn't tip as well. As for me, I never played, so I never worried about tipping.

UberGrumpy said...

Canadian, eh? Try Scottish. Deep pockets, short arms

Poppy said...

Well.. she has problems. :P I worked in cafe for a while ... (I know that's not an especially good comparison) but my boss would kill me if I treated customers like that ... tip or no tip.

Jen said...

@LL Cool Joe: If I could figure out how to always win, I wouldn't need a job or a degree.

@Sage: I'm not sure I can do a Canadian accent.

@UberGrumpy: My Scottish accent is even worse.

@Poppy: That is no way to treat customers. If she was nicer, she probably would never have to ask for tips. People would enjoy giving them to her.

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