Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Something Rotten in Austin

Her car:

My car:

When I was in Austin for ACL Fest I barely tapped the right rear bumper of the car in front of me.  She told me she had already been rear-ended three times and was tired of people hitting her.  Someone needed to pay for the damage.  When I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures she stopped talking.  I thought she realized what I was doing and would let it go.  Apparently not.  I got a letter from my insurance company this morning concerning my claim.  

I would like to know if my car is white and hers is gold, why is there blue paint on the bumper?  The date of loss listed on the claim is September 28.  I was not even in Austin on September 28.  This happened on October 2. 

I should have to pay for the damage someone else did because I have insurance?  I don't think so.  The claim rep hasn't returned my call.  I'll try again in the morning.       


Blissseeker said...

wow, that really sucks. Please keep us posted as to what happens!

Tammy said...

Geez, what a whiny old B*****! fight for your rights!

John said...

People are so great sometimes don't you think?

Jen said...

@Blissseeker: Will do. The most I'll have to pay is my deductible, but still...

@Tammy: Whiny is right. You can't even see the scratches in her paint unless you blow up the photo very large.

@John: She's the kind of person I spend as little time around as possible. If that's the worst thing that ever happens to her she's got it pretty good.

BlackLOG said...

I once ran into the back of a rust bucket while lost in South London. I’m ashamed to say that I was attempting to map read – it was the days before GPS, but that’s no excuse.

This large woman got out of the car and we inspected the damage together. No damage to my car, while her car was a complete write off, not a panel on the sides, front of rear was without at least one large dent or scratched

I pointed this out, she rolled her eyes, got back in the car and drove off into the night. I could see her progress for miles as her bumper fell off and dragged behind, sending sparks into the air. Fortunately for me she carried on driving ….

Looking forward to hearing about the out come of your attempt to destroy the* gold and blue car - the damage is horrendous. The next time you run into her (You will get better resuts if she is out of her car at the time) I want to see a photo of her neck brace and crutches...

* Perhaps she does not like the gold colour anymore and instead of paying for a re-spray is hoping to change the colour by transfer. Fortunately for you it sounds like she is currently still deciding on the colour and is going through the process of collecting different samples

Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment

From old once a week….

Jen said...

@BlackLOG: I'm surprised she didn't scream, "Oh, my neck!" and claim whiplash. Don't give her any ideas!

I should have called the police so her statements could be documented in their report.

You are welcome and thanks for visiting mine.

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