Monday, November 23, 2009


I was looking at the list of guys that have viewed my profile on Match and saw a musician.  I am a sucker for them, so I had to check him out.  One of the pictures is of him with a bass guitar.  Here we go again?

He says he has solid black tattoo "sleeves" on his arms.  Only one picture shows these sleeves, and it really looks like shirt sleeves to me, so of course I had to send an email asking if it was a test to see if we were reading his profile or if they were really tats and what is the significance of solid black sleeves.  I have never seen that before.

I want a tattoo, but I don't know where I want to put it.  I want a Polynesian shark.  Not exactly like the one in the pic, but similar.  The shark is sacred to the Polynesians, and the tattoos are worn for protection.  To me, it is a reminder of inner strength.  Since it's not something I can change easily, I need to be sure of the exact location before I even think about finding an artist.     


John said...

The artist is key, but you better mean it before you commit to it.

Jen said...

@John: Of this I am aware. I've been thinking about it for over a year and keep coming back to the shark. Not a cartoon, not a realistic image, not something that could be mistaken for a tuna...a Polynesian shark!

Poppy said...

Nice one :) I saw tattoos as something that people decide for just for fun ... or when some tennagers just HAVE to get one because it's so cool. Last year I started watching LA Ink and Miami Ink on Discovery Travel and Living and found out there can be thousand stories behind getting a tattoo. Things aren't just black and white :)
I still wouldn't get one, though. I change my mind all the time so I could never be completely sure if that really is what I want. :)

dutchbaby said...

This old mother-of-two-teens will advise you against getting a tattoo. A lifetime is a long time.

How about taking the tattoo money and buying a beautiful piece of art of a Polynesian shark? You can hang it, or place it if it's a sculpture, in your living room, bedroom, or bathroom. It could remind you of your inner strength every day you're home.

I hope you're not offended by my unsolicited advice.

Jen said...

@Poppy: If I'd gotten one when I was younger it would have been something stupid like "I heart Rick Springfield". My daughter wants one and I won't let her get it.

@dutchbaby: I'm not offended at all. I do like your idea, but I will probably do something like that and get a tattoo.

sage said...

as for the tattoo, keep it small! Here is a true story (or mostly true--I'm not sure if that was the song playing on the radio) that I wrote about a woman with a tattoo:

Jen said...

@sage: I don't think I want anything like what you described in your story. It will have to be big enough that it doesn't turn into an ugly blob in a few years.

Tallshag said...

You have the right complexion for a tatt to look good, and keep on looking good, because you have no choice but to remain mindful of the importance of sunscreen!

The location depends partly on whether you want other people to see it. If you want people to see it when you want it seen, how about the outer edge of one leg, below the knee?

What did Match dude who'd scoped your profile have to say when you emailed him?

Jen said...

@Tallshag: I was thinking somewhere on my back, but not a tramp stamp.

He "didn't want to see the same imagery every day so he chose something minimal". I was expecting something more creative from a musician. I get the impression he just wanted a tattoo because he thinks they're cool and he picked up a guitar to get girls. He doesn't strike me as a true artist.

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