Monday, November 30, 2009

Ren Fest

Saturday, November 28

I went to the Texas Renaissance Festival with free tickets from BCO.  I was pleasantly surprised to see Poker Guy and his girlfriend there.  They went off on their own at first, and I hung out with a couple of the other people I met at the poker games.  I'm starting to run into the same people now.  It's nice that they're not all strangers any more.

We saw a lot of interesting costumes...

...and a few shows, including belly dancing...

There was a male belly dancer on one of the stages.  He was very in touch with his female side.  I wish I had a photo of that one for you, but my battery died and I didn't have a spare.

It began to rain and my friend made a dash for a covered gazebo.  She started to climb in through a space between some vines and noticed a minister giving her a stern look.  There was apparently a wedding happening and she was about to crash.

About that time, Poker Guy texted me to ask if I was still there.  He joined us and suggested a very good show.  It was a magician and his two apprentices that didn't speak.  He handed one of the assistants his capes, hat, and cane.  She gave him a WTF look and threw them on the ground, then stomped off.  They gave each other that kind of attitude throughout the entire show - never speaking.  They communicated through facial expressions and hand signals, which I think made it funnier.

When it started raining again, Poker Guy gave me a program to cover my head.  He gave his girlfriend nothing.  Am I the only one who thinks that is a bit odd?  

We had another poker tournament in the evening.  This time we decided to drink, so I did not win.  I didn't even play well.  Drinking and gambling don't mix well for me.  It was only 10 dollars to buy in and I drank at least that much worth, so it's all right.  Some people have wine tastings...we made it a tequila tasting.  Patron is still my favorite.

Yes, I'm drinking again, but only with people I know and trust.  


Rebecca S. said...

Sounds like people watching at its finest! Loved the bit about crashing the wedding accidentally.

Jen said...

@Rebecca S.: Think of the stories the bride and groom can tell their grandchildren.

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