Saturday, November 21, 2009

Feast or Famine

I either have 11 blog ideas or zero.

I either have 3 interesting guys talking to me or none.

I either have 5 different things I could do on a Saturday night or I have nothing.  Tonight I was supposed to play Texas Hold 'Em with Poker Guy, go see my friend's band play, and get a campsite so I could be at the park the night before our hike.  Poker Guy didn't have enough players so he cancelled, I've learned my friend is not going to be playing with that band any more, and it's too ugly outside for me to want to pitch a tent.  My feast has turned into a famine.  This is the first Saturday night that I've slept in my own bed in over a month.  It's kind of nice. 

I'll go ahead and work on those Christmas projects that have been calling me and get up early in the morning for the hike.      


Minka said...

I'm glad you found your evening nice, although it fell nto "famine" category.

kenju said...

I hate when that happens, but sometimes it is good to stay home and vegetate.

Jen said...

@Minka: I don't mind spending a quiet evening at home sometimes.

@kenju: It's nasty out anyway. Cold and wet.

Rebecca S. said...

That picture makes me want to have Thanksgiving all over again.
Good luck with those crafts!

Jen said...

@Rebecca S.: Our Thanksgiving is next week. I don't think I'm cooking because my daughter will be with her father and my family doesn't live here. I'm betting the casino will have an awesome Thanksgiving buffet. I may go there.

Sage said...

Tell us about your hike! I like those graceful times when my life goes from being overbooked to being empty--I can always find a book to read.

Jen said...

@Sage: Now you're forcing me to admit that I didn't go on the hike. I couldn't drag myself out of bed this morning. There will be future hikes to blog about.

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