Monday, November 16, 2009

Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

Sunday, November 15

We woke up at 4 am to get ready for the marathon.   I did not wear my new shoes. You shouldn't wear, eat or drink anything new on race day. Stick with the gear you've trained in and the foods you know work without making you sick.           

I had brought my electric skillet so we could make eggs and hashbrowns in our room but neither of us was hungry enough for that since we had a huge dinner.  The hotel was full of runners so they set out their breakfast early for us.  We grabbed a muffin and a banana on our way out. 

We took the shuttle to the start line, checked our bags, and waited for the race to start.  There were a few people in the race T-shirt and I had told her not to wear hers.  I said those people must be newbies and don't know any better.  Besides the nothing new rule, wearing the T-shirt says "look what I did" and you haven't yet.  Wearing a T-shirt from a previous race that you have already finished is fine.

There were 36 corrals with multiple starts.  The first horn was for the elite runners, the second for the runners that were planning the fastest runs, the slower runners after that, and the walkers bringing up the rear.  This is how it is at all the races so that the slower runners and walkers don't get in anyone's way.  This is the first time I have seen 36 different waves.  We waited over an hour in the corral before we even started.  I think the longest I waited before was 15 minutes.  If this is how they start the race every year, I don't think I'll run this one again.  That was way too long.

The race itself was fun.  There were a few people on their lawns cheering for us.  There were bands playing, cheerleading squads, and spectators in costume.  I got high-fives from a gorilla and a giant banana.  We were feeling strong until mile 10, then we started getting tired.  My friend's blister popped at mile 12, so the last 1.1 miles was not fun, but we did it.  She finished her first half marathon and I have a new medal to add to my collection.      

Image from the race website.  Nope, that's not me.           


Rebecca S. said...

If I'd done what you'd just done, I would like someone to post a comment saying,"Woohoo! You're amazing! Congratulations!" So there you go! I run too but not much more than 10 kms. - ever.

Tammy said...


LL Cool Joe said...

Well done! My partner ran the London Marathon a couple of times. 26 miles! I just watched with a cold beer.

Jen said...

@Rebecca S: I might start running some 5 and 10K's. Those are fun.

@Tammy: Thank you!

@LL Cool Joe: We appreciate the spectators. Family, friends, total strangers...anyone that yells, "Good job! You can do it!"

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