Monday, November 30, 2009

A Date?

Sunday, November 29

Poker Guy called and said he had an extra ticket for a performance at Jones Hall.  I think it's called Bowfire.  I said yes.  I think it's just as friends...I didn't ask...

The woman I thought was his girlfriend won't be there.  Does the relationship status on Facebook really mean anything?  He put one up very recently and lists his status as single.  Looking for friendship, dating, a relationship.  She is one of his Facebook friends so I know she's seen it.  Do guys even pay attention to those things?     


Poppy said...

I'm listed as married.. so is another friend of mine, she's listed married to her school mate or something... so no.. it isn't always true what it says .. :))

Vince said...

It is not that I'm male that I do not get the "as friends", I'm Irish, living in Ireland. Where once a chap asks a woman out, they both like in Gymnastics, start with a perfect ten. It then depends on the Mouth and what sort of shite as to if things will go further. We, the Irish men know that all women have a man someplace that is sick of her shit. Just as Irish women know that He is not an untraveled road and some female has has hacked a few potholes into the surface.
But this "as friends" thing, we just do not get at all.
We kinda understand why the getting married early in ones 20's as a sort of licensed lust and the real hitching sometime in the 30's.

gayle said...

who knows what guys think...they don't even know themselves...just have a good time and see what happens

LL Cool Joe said...

I don't do Facebook at all, so I can't comment!

Jen said...

@Poppy: I know women do it to try to keep strange men from harassing them. Men don't have that problem.

@Vince: We're both in our 40's. Maybe we're late bloomers?

@gayle: That's the plan. This will be the first time we've been alone together. I'll go and find out what's up.

@LL Cool Joe: I signed up thinking it would be a good way to network when I was still looking for a job. It may yet once I'm done with school.

Vince said...

Me too. And I've not had as much fun since I quit worrying about things. I stopped making plans for more that a year in advance.
For next year I'm going to walk part of the Camino towards Finnisterre and I'm going to learn to Para-glide

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