Monday, November 9, 2009

Texas Forest Trail

On my way home from Louisiana, I stopped at the Texas tourist info center and picked up a bunch of travel guides and maps.  I usually plan trips to places like California or Hawaii.  I can't afford those right now, but there are a lot of places in Texas that I have never seen. 

Texas is divided into 10 regions.  I think I'll start with the Texas Forest Trail Region since it's at my front door.  There are 47 cities, 4 national forests, a national preserve, plus state forests and state parks.  It should keep me busy for awhile.

I just got an email from someone who read one of my articles on HubPages.  She is planning a visit to Big Lagoon State Park and had some questions.  I'm so excited that there are a few people actually reading and enjoying the work I started.  Maybe this could be a new series to write about but this time I'll take better notes and do it right.  I hear there are a few people who are actually earning income from the adds.  I have been told by several people that I should be a travel writer.  Maybe I'll post some more articles over there and see if I can make some money from them.       

I doubt I will ever attempt to monetize this blog.  I'd rather keep this one fun and write about whatever suits me instead of having to worry about what will generate income.    


sage said...

There's lots to avoid in Texas, from my point of view, but having taken the train through west Texas, there are some areas I'd like to go back and explore in the Big Bend region. As for monetizing, I did it nearly a year ago, thinking I'd just donate proceeds and not worry about writing for money. Good thing, for I'd go broke if I wanted to use my blog for living expenses.

Jen said...

Some parts of Texas are better than others, but I think she's much prettier than people expect. We're more than just desert.

Any little bit of money I can earn writing will help stretch my savings and keep me in school longer. I'll give it a shot and see what happens.

Ryan said...

just wanted to stop by say hi checking your blog out!

Jen said...

@Ryan: Thank you and welcome!

ETX Traveler said...

Hi Jen,
Very excited you're planning to travel the Texas Forest Trail Region! You can follow us on twitter (@etxtraveler) or on facebook (/TexasForestTrailRegion) for news and info. Let us know if we can tell you more about us!

Jen said...

@ETX Traveler: How on earth did you find my little blog? Welcome. I will follow you on Twitter and Facebook. I am conserving my energy this week because I'm going to need it for the San Antonio Marathon Sunday. I plan to start my journey next week beginning in Conroe. I'm an outdoor girl, so I'll be wanting to visit the lakes, hiking trails, bike trails, and state parks.

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