Monday, December 7, 2009

Good News!

If you don't know about my fender non-bender: 
Something Rotten in Austin
Fender Benders, Festivals, and Freaks

I received a letter from my insurance company.  They settled with that woman who says I damaged her car.  I'm annoyed that they gave her money, but thrilled that I'm not obligated to pay any of it.  Not even my deductible.  Hooray!

Hopefully one ultra minor accident in over 20 years will not make my rate increase.


gayle said...

That is great!! I know this makes you happy!!

Tammy said...

Just sleep easy, knowing that this woman is having a miserable life to the fullest is the best sort of revenge! I know!

Jeanne said...

Four years ago I hit someone (because I'm a dumbass and wasn't paying attention). After the cops came and interviewed us, he wanted to jog over to a nearby (1/2 mile away?) strip mall, where a friend of his was working. The cop said, "unsafe" and gave him a ride.

So you can imagine my surprise when he later sued for injuries....

It was eventually settled, but it SUCKED!

Glad yours turned out better than that.

Kate said...

God thats sounds awful - glad it is finally over and hope it is a weight off.

Kate xxx

Vince said...

it is soooooo annoying that the bet made is that the cost of litigation is that high that it is easier and cheaper to pay.

Jen said...

@gayle: It does make me happy. My deductible is pretty high.

@Tammy: She did seem like a miserable person.

@Jeanne: Please don't hurt me for saying this...his adrenaline was still pumping pretty good and he maybe didn't know he was hurt yet...It does suck. I'm sorry things didn't work out better for you.

@Kate: It is a very heavy weight off. That's one issue I can put away.

@Vince: That's probably exactly what happened. It was cheaper just to give her a little money to go away.

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