Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rescue Me

My daughter started her community service this weekend.  She got caught shoplifting and was ordered to work 10 hours and pay a fine or work 30 hours and not owe a fine.  She begged me to pay the fine for her.  I didn't steal anything.  Why should I pay the fine?  No.

She's cleaning cages at one of the local animal shelters.  She told me the first room they had her work in was full of the sick dogs.  One of the cages had 2 puppies.  Puppy number 1 was asleep, and puppy number 2 was cuddled up next to him.  At first she thought "it was so cute because he was like saying, ' I love my brother.  I'm going to snuggle with him.' "  Then she realized puppy number 1 wasn't sleeping.  When they took him out of the cage, puppy number 2 started whimpering.  She was heartbroken. 

I wish I could go to the shelter and rescue all of the animals.  My two cats are rescues from the SPCA.  The next time you are looking for a pet, please check out your local shelter instead of the pet store.  Even if you are looking for a specific breed, please don't visit the pet shops.  Those animals are not healthy.  They come from puppy mills.  Go to to find animals available in your area, including the re-homing groups for specific breeds.         


Blissseeker said...

aw,that's so sad. She will always have that image in her head the next time she thinks about stealing. Good for you for not paying the fine!

gayle said...

I agree Good for you for not paying the fine!!

kenju said...

I have always gone to the local SPCA for my pets, and the 2 I have now were rescue cats. I think what your daughter has to do is good for her in the long run.

Vince said...

I found my dog Jess at a rescue place. And near as I can tell she is a Hound. This winter she has taken to jumping up on the stove when the fire has gone out.

Sage said...

Our dog is a pound dog and is the best dog in the world (sorry Snoopy). He's smart and loyal and just wonderful (except for Thunderstorms).

My daughter, for a birthday party when she was ten, had the guest bring something for a local dog shelter that handles abused dogs, then she got to go drop off the toys and treats. It became a bit of a trend, because then one of her friends also had such a party. The last thing these girls need is more junk.

Sorry about your daughter shoplifting, but hopefully she's learning several lessons.

As for the FTC ruling you said that you hoped I was kidding on, the link in my post was to a "Wired" article about it. Having blogged about 3 books that I was given (when I've probably written a 100 reviews over 5 years) isn't worrying me too much.

Kate said...

Kids!! It clearly doesn't get any easier to be a parent as they get older.

We're looking for two kittens since I had to put my old cat down a few weeks ago and I'm about to check out the rescue places.

Jen said...

@Blissseeker and gayle: I don't think we do our kids any favors by bailing them out of trouble. They need to face the consequences of their actions.

@kenju and Vince: Kudos for adopting. My favorite pets have all come from shelters.

@Sage: I love that idea. I may use it if I ever throw myself another birthday party.

@Kate: No, it doesn't get easier. She's really a good kid, just does stupid stuff every once in a while. She's also on the honor roll this semester...

I'm sorry to hear about your cat. Hopefully you'll be chosen by 2 wondeful kittens who will have you laughing at their antics. Pick the one that walks up to you and says, "Take me home!"

the mom said...

Sorry to hear what your daughter did, but I guess we all make misstakes like this one earlier or later on in life.
I'm kind of worried about my daughter (little sister) already, that's why I wish she will continue keeping herself busy with gymnastics.
I was very active doing sports growing up, except some of my early teen years. And these years I just kept busy doing wrong things.
Maybe your daughter would like to continue helping out at an animal shelter, also after her community service?!

SquirrelQueen said...

Good for you for not paying the fine.

All of my pets through the years have been rescues, I can't imagine getting one anywhere else. My current kitty, Miss Cindi Lou Who, is the sweetest little girl. Rescue pets have so much love to give.

Jen said...

@the mom: It is good to keep them busy with something. She'll only want to volunteer if they don't make her clean cages.

@SquirrelQueen: They do seem more loving than the pet store animals, don't they? My ex bought me a cat from the pet shop once and I don't think it had much human contact wasn't very friendly.

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