Thursday, October 8, 2009

Under a Wyoming Sun?

I'm watching Under the Tuscan Sun and fantasizing about making a new start someplace far away myself. I would not go to Italy; I would go to Wyoming. I have no job, no husband, no boyfriend to keep me here. I do have a daughter in high school, though, so I cannot.

My road trip this summer was supposed to be coast to coast. I was having so much fun in Wyoming that I never made it to California. I spent time in the Wind River Valley, Cody, and Yellowstone. I have not met so many friendly people outside of Texas. Everywhere I went, the locals suggested places to see. "Have you been to the museum in Cody?" "Have you eaten at The Red Willow in Riverton?" I lost my checkbook and someone mailed it home to me.

The photo is my campsite in the Shoshone National Forest. I met a local woman there on my first night alone in bear country. I was overjoyed to see a neighbor set up camp in the site next to me. I was invited to have hotdogs and s'mores with her and her three girls. I was also told I was welcome to return to Wyoming and stay with her sometime in the future. I need to find her email address and beg forgiveness for not contacting her sooner.

I met one of my online friends at the county fair in Rock Springs. I saw Shinedown for 8 dollars! I was crushing on my friend more than a little, but he is 3 states away. I was hoping to stay in touch, but he deleted me from his friend list yesterday. *sigh* I was not the only one he deleted, so I am fairly certain it was nothing I said or did. I noticed he deleted almost all of the women on his friend list. That makes me think there is a woman in his life that either inspired that decision or insisted.

I miss Wyoming. People kept telling me about places that were hiring and it was killing me that I couldn't apply. In two years, my daughter will have graduated high school. I might just decide to take off to The Cowboy State.


kenju said...

Jen, Thanks for the visit and for following!! I am glad that you had such a good time in Wyoming. I've never been there, but my daughter tells me it is a beautiful state. Two years will be gone before you know it; so make plans and live your dreams.

kenju said...

P.S. Here are your five words:
Please let me know when you post this meme.

Jen said...

Thanks for being my first follower! Wyoming is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen, and I did a lot of driving this summer.

I'm going to start working on the meme tonight. It may take a couple of days before I post it. I want to put some thought into it...

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