Friday, October 30, 2009

Planes, Passes, and Procrastination

Since Shinedown is now my new favorite band, I joined their fan club.  This may sound like a geeky thing to do and you may be thinking that I'm way too old to be joining fan clubs.  What if I told you that was the best way to get good concert seats and even backstage passes?  I once went to Hawaii with Bon Jovi's fan club.  We spent a week exploring Oahu and went to two shows.  I got to go backstage and meet them at one of the concerts.  That would need a post (or 2, or 5) of it's own, though, so back to Shinedown.

I received an email containing the latest pre-sale dates and VIP packages.  I was debating whether to see them at one of their midwest concerts.  Only one was on a weekend that I don't have my daughter.  Can I drive to Ohio in December?  Do I need snow tires or chains?  Would I have a problem driving in the snow?  I've never even seen snow.  I could build a snowman!  Or I could die trying to get there.

I decided to check air fares.  I found an excellent rate!  The hotel provides a free shuttle to and from the airport and is less than 10 miles from the concert venue!  I can do this!  It would cost 500 dollars or more to buy a front row seat from a scalper.  For less than 500 dollars I can get a roundtrip plane ticket, a room, a good seat, and a meet and greet pass to say hello to the band!  I'm so excited!

I flipped back to the fan club website and saw that it was sold out already.  That's what I get for procrastinating...again... 



John said...

AWW! That's no good. I'm with ya sister. We both need to stop procrastinating. Whadaya say we start next week? 8)

Jen said...

Too late. It's Monday already. How about next week?

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