Saturday, October 17, 2009

Am I Too Honest?

The pics are of my sister and nephew when they visited in 2006. I heard from her today for the first time in almost a year. She sent me an IM when she saw me online on Facebook. We don't see each other often. Her 5-year-old son, my nephew, kept telling her to say "hi" and that he wants to come to Texas and see me.

She asked why I wasn't collecting unemployment. In order to collect you are supposed to be actively looking for a fulltime job, which I am not. I'm going to look for a part-time job once I get an idea of how much of my time school will take. She asked why didn't I apply at places that I knew wouldn't hire me and then I could still collect. All my friends are telling me the same thing. I just don't think it's very honest.


Minka said...

At the end of the day you have your own conscience to deal with and they have theirs. The situation is not so unfamiliar to me, but about other things. I simply can't lie. I must be one of the world's worst liars. But I sleep pretty well.

Jen said...

Even when I try to lie about little things to make people feel better, they know. I'm not a good liar at all.

I agree. I have to live up to my own standards, not theirs. Thank you for the comments. They are appreciated.

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