Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cave Without a Name

Because it's "too pretty to name"...

Is that a bat?

Yep. It's a bat.

The pictures were taken on a recent trip to the Hill Country with Bayou City Outdoors. We took a tour of the Cave Without a Name in Boerne, Texas. The guide didn't like us much. We asked too many questions.

We have another trip coming up in a week. We'll be hiking Canyon Lake Gorge and taking a bicycle tour of the missions in San Antonio. I've been camping instead of staying in hotels. The guided hike will cost 10 dollars and the bike tour is free, so I'm not blowing my budget.   


Poppy said...

ooh, that's beautiful! Recently a friend of mine visited Slovenia and we went to see something similar. She's from Idaho and she said they don't have caves like that in America. Looks like she was wrong :)
We have so many caves around here it's not even interesting any more :P They are beautiful, though. :)

Gilly said...

Bats are a protected species in the UK which means no one can destroy them or their habitat. Though a cave would be safe!

Sounds as though you are having a wonderful holiday!

Smileyfreak said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog :) I totally agree! Blogging is sooooo addictive,but in a good way! Those pictures of the cave are gorgeous.Don't take the tour guides attitude personally,I'd say they were just havin a bad day

Jen said...

@Poppy: It's possible there are no caves near her home or she just doesn't know where they are. They are beautiful. It's sad they have to keep them locked so vandals don't destroy them.

@Gilly: It's a forced holiday. I was laid off, which is why I have to find free or very low cost things to do. I am enjoying myself, though.

@Smileyfreak: I've been wanting to get away from another website for awhile, but the blogs kept luring me back. Now that I've found this site, maybe I'll finally shut it down. Blogging is very addictive.

Anil P said...

Surreal yet beautiful.

Jen said...

@Anil P: It's hard to believe those amazing formations were created drop by drop over thousands of years. Surreal is right.

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