Saturday, October 24, 2009

Random Questions

I tried answering those random questions they ask for your profile page, but they didn't make much sense.  Now I'm realizing, duh, that's the point.  Use your imagination.  OK.  I'll try here.

Q:  Your pajamas have duckies on them. Why did you switch from choo-choos? 
A:  Because I want my cat to get out of my way instead of eating my jammies.

Q:  Come up with some possible band names for your group that features a washboard and a styrofoam tuba.
A:  Swamp Things,  Zydeco Zeroes

Q:  When your science teacher smashed a frozen rose with a hammer, did you warm the petals to bring them back to life?
A:  I tried to steal some of that stuff to take home and play with.  When that didn't work, we poured it on the carpet and stomped on it to see if it would crunch.

Q:   You forgot your mom's birthday! What can you make out of super glue and olive pits?
A:  A beautiful mosaic she can put on the fridge next to my 3rd grade report card.

Q:   If you drive on a parkway why don't they make the whole plane out of that?
A:  If you park on a driveway, why do they lock the 24-hour Stop N Rob?

Q:    The wicked backspin caught you off guard. How will you play it off without losing your footing?
A:  I meant to do that!

Q:   Aren't papier mache cuts the worst?
A:  I'm not sure.  Come here and we'll experiment...

Q:  Please describe how you could take the peel off an apple all in one go:
A:  Magic.  (They actually make a gadget for that.) 

Q:     Why does the color blue mean raspberry-flavored?
A:  It does?  I thought it meant bubblegum.

Q:    You can whistle and steam can whistle, so why do you sing in the shower?
A:  I can't whistle, actually.  I try and try but I just blow.  The cats look at me funny when I try.  Maybe I'm succeeding in a tone only they can hear...

Q:  You're going to the moon! What did you forget to pack?
A:  My tin foil hat.

Q:   You laughed so hard you can't catch your breath. Stick out your tongue and show us what's funny:


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