Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Expensive Habit

I have developed a very expensive habit. Nope, not gambling. It's not drugs or alcohol, either. It's marathons. They're like potato chips; you can't stop at just one. I've completed two half marathons and am training for my third. Those are my medals and finisher's shirt.

My next race is the San Antonio Rock 'N Roll Marathon. There will be a live band every mile of the course and a concert after the race. I will be walking this one because my knee protests loudly when I try to run. There are a lot of people that walk marathons so I won't be alone.

Why so expensive? The entry fees range from 65 to 100+ dollars. I like to travel to marathons in other cities, which means I have to pay for hotel rooms, airfare or gas, meals, etc. I need at least 2 pairs of running shoes each year which cost around 95 dollars each. You cannot run or train for marathons in cheap shoes without injury.

Then there are the toys: The 250 dollar GPS watch that tracks my speed, distance, and route which I can upload to my computer to track my workouts. The 45 dollar hydration belt to hold my water, nutrition, inhaler, and keys.

Cotton clothing is miserable to run in, so I spend money on performance clothing for every possible weather condition. I have more running clothes in my closet than work clothes. My boobs are constantly changing depending on whether I'm actively training for a race or not, so I have to keep 2 different sizes on hand - in the sport variety and the ones I get from Victoria's Secret. I can buy less expensive shorts or tops but the cheap bras won't do.

When I'm in training I have to eat 2600 calories per day to maintain my current weight. That means I am always hungry and eat as much as two teenagers. The grocery bill skyrockets.

I was roped into this by someone who told me that running was cheap. "The streets are free. All you need is a good pair of shoes."


kenju said...

Well, they obviously didn't tell you the whole story!!

Jen said...

But they run faster than I do so I can't catch them to take it out of their hides.

f8hasit said...

God bless ya'...
The thought of running a marathon, or a half marathon makes me want to hit the wall!

But perhaps I'll don my running shoes and start off with baby steps...
I stopped running when I blew my knee out. It was too much pounding pressure, but I loved it. I believe enough time has passed to perhaps start again.

Congrats on your medals and finisher T. Well worth the $$'s spent.

Smileyfreak said...

You really enjoy running though,so is the cost worth it?

Poppy said...

At least it's a healthy habit! If we compare it to drinking, smoking, gambling.. you definitely chose a good one ;) Good luck with your knee!

Gilly said...

I can safely say that I am never, ever going to get addicted to marathons!

As I can't walk without an aid, I will confine myself to watching them on TV!

But I do admire those who do all these athleticy things! Wish I had done them when I was younger, but I think it was regarded as a bit weird then, if not positively sectuionable!

Thanks for calling in at my blog!

Jen said...

@f8hasit: My knee can't take it, either. That's why I'm walking this one. I'll be doing a lot more cross training from now on.

@Smileyfreak: It is very much worth it!

@Poppy: I tried smoking once and choked. I could definitely have worse habits.

Gilly: I admire you for still getting out and enjoying your life in spite of the difficulties. I am still regarded as a bit weird by a lot of people. When I say I run marathons they look at me funny and say, "Why?"

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL...Well, who knew Running could and WOULD be so expensive. But if it is something you sooo enjoy---It is better than Alcohol or Drugs--And needless to say, Healthier...And you get to travel, too...!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you do carve a Pumpkin!

Jen said...

@OldOldLady Of The Hills: The San Antonio course was designed to take us past some of the historic sites. It is a good way to see parts of a city.

I'll go shopping for a pumpkin tomorrow.

Kate said...

I'm planning to start running - but just aiming small to start with - maybe a 5KM run which would be a start. Thanks for following my blog and for your kind comment.

Jen said...

@Kate: A 5K is perfect to start. Good luck!

Spuds said...

I love to run! Some people say it just hurts too much, but DAMN it's a GOOD hurt!!

Love the journal/blog/pictures!!!!

Jen said...

@Spuds: If it hurts too much, they are probably trying to do too much too fast. I always suggest to my couch potato friends who want to get fit to start by walking.

It is a good hurt! Thanks for visiting and following! I'm glad you like it.

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