Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Inspection Complete

Range Kleens Under the Sink Organizer

Image from Flickr.  I need one of those under sink organizers

I felt well enough this morning to empty the cabinets below the sinks.  I threw out half of the stuff I found under there.  Why do I still have plant food when I haven't had a garden in three years?  And why is it under the sink?  I started scrubbing counters, tubs, toilets, even floors and threw out three bags worth of clutter.  Then my face started hurting again and I crashed on the couch.

Maintenance was here for less than five minutes doing their inspection.  They pushed the button on the smoke detector, changed the AC filter, made a couple of notes, and left.  What was the point of that? 

When my daughter came home she looked at the bags on the porch and said, "Where did those come from?"

"The trash fairy must have come."

She looked at me with that you're so not funny glare that teens have.

"Where do you think it came from?"

"Were you bored or something?"

Have you ever had those days when you completely understand why some parents beat their children?  Or why they used to marry them off so young?       


blueviolet said...

I'm guilty of accumulating all kinds of crap under there too!!!

Brian Miller said...

to collect the dowry? smiles.

jack69 said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
Yep you are a parent all right!!!!

Okay, yeah even in a motor home I tend to find stuff I have no further use for.

Maybe the inspections are a blessing to get you under the sinks to see what lives and hides there.
Like the entry! It is real!

John McElveen said...



Hope you feel better!


Rob Strickland said...

I don't keep the clutter around my house under control the way I should. But once in a while I have a throwing-away party and it feels good doing it.

And hey, it frees up so much space I can use to put more stuff I don't really need!

Vince said...

Would that mine were that neat.

Tammy said...

Just think of all the clutter you no longer have to shove around under there! Gone!

My son is 12 and hitting puberty, and is getting testy. Lord give me strength. my daughter is 11 and right behind him. If I can just survive these years with my dignity intact...
nice post! I am suffering with allergies too. I feel your pain!

Kelly said...

Or as I've had it put to me: why some species eat their young?

Please come clean out my cabinets next! I still say it sounds like you're having sinus problems, too.

buffalodick said...

Imagine a household where the guy remembers where he put something away 10 years ago, and remembers where, and a the woman can't remember what she did with yesterdays groceries... One rule in this house- do not move my stuff!

Jen said...

@blueviolet: If you can't think of anyplace else to put it, just throw it under the sink.

@Brian Miller: As the mother of the bride, I would be expected to provide the dowry. I'd be SOL since I'm broke.

@jack69: I'm glad I didn't find anything living there. I was worried.

@John McElveen: Don't let those plants starve. I'm starting to feel much better. Thanks.

@Rob Strickland: I don't usually worry about it until I run out of space. Who has time to keep everything perfect? Not me.

@Vince: Mine only is that neat because I just cleaned out the junk and my daughter hasn't thrown things in there yet.

@Tammy: I believe I lost my dignity when she was a baby. I was peed on, pooped on, thrown up on...

@Kelly: I believe my allergies have indeed caused a sinus issue. I hate taking antibiotics, though, so I'll see if it goes away on its own in a few days.

@buffalodick: Is your wife wondering why her husband can remember where he put a pair of scissors ten years ago but can't remember an anniversary that happens every year?

Heff said...

WOW ! Heff isn't the only person with the plant food under the sink. I feel relieved.

Kelly said...

I don't like antibiotics, either. My doc has told me that often sinus issues will resolve themselves without, it just might take a little longer.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

I'm sorry your aren't feeling well, still! Hope it gets better soon...nothing worse than junk that lingers...either in your body or under the sink ;-) Good for you for sorting it out...but amazing when you feel bad...Please do take care of yourself! Loved this post! You have such an amazingly hilarious sense of humor! I love that!!! Sending hugs and get well soon wishes~Janine xx

Anonymous said...

LOL! My Mom has a saying "This is why animals eat their young"

Hope you get better soon!

Buckeroomama said...

Which reminds me that I need to clear out the plant food from under my sink, too!!

Heather said...

LOL! When I helped my parents clean for their inspection, we was trowing things away left and right, thankfully the dumpster was right next to the apartment!

It just doesn't seem right that they make you work so hard for them to be there for so little time.

Get better soon!

Jen said...

@Heff and Buckeroomama: I thought I was the only one. I guess under the sink is not such an insane place to keep the plant food. (Unless we're all insane, which is a possibility.)

@Kelly: Antibiotics cause another problem that is even more uncomfortable. I only take them when I have to.

@Sniffles and smiles: It feels good to be rid of some of that junk. It makes me want to throw more out.

@Christiejolu: I'm feeling a little bit better every day. Thanks.

@Heather: It would have only taken 5 minutes to pull the stuff out, but it didn't seem right to just throw all the crap back in. It was already out, might as well sort through it. Then the cleaning bug hit. Maybe if we had inspections more often, my apt would be less cluttered. Did I just say that???? Maybe I'm sicker than I thought.

alady'slife said...

Yes lol

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