Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 36: Audubon Zoo Scavenger Hunt

I stopped in New Orleans yesterday on my way back home to Texas from Mississippi and did this week's Sunday Scavenger Hunt at the Audubon Zoo.  It was so much fun, I may have to start doing them in a similar fashion from now on.

I walked through the park and almost got lost since the path is not clearly marked.  A helpful woman had the idea of Googling a map and I wondered why I hadn't thought of it first.  Armed with walking directions on my smart phone I had no trouble finding my destination.  I did opt to take the free shuttle back to the other side of Audubon Park at the end of the day, though.  It's only a mile, but I was tired and it was beginning to grow dark.

1)  Vision:  Giraffes have nearly 360 degree vision due to the placement of their eyes, enabling them to spot predators.

2)  Strong:  This spider monkey used his very strong tail to hang on hands free.

3)  Buttons:  Button eyes on the stuffed animals for sale in the gift shop.

4)  Map:  You are here.

5)  Favorite Fruit:  A Golden Lion Tamarin enjoys an orange.


Next week's items are home or thankful, in the kitchen, couple, bubbles, and trees.


Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said...

These are awesome interpretations! I love that you found everything at the zoo! Interesting fact about the giraffe, too. :)

Just this morning, my 6 year old daughter was playing with a stuffed tiger and pretending the tiger's tail was much like that spider monkey's... ;)

Holly said...

Love your favorite fruit picture! So cute!

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