Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 31: SHS Last Minute Indoor Hunt

I had this week's photos all planned out.  I was to be camping with friends and they were going to help me stage my photos whether they liked it or not.  What do you mean you didn't bring your little windmill to plant beside your tent?  I need it for my whimsical shot.  You better go back and get it!  

My daughter needed a hair model, though.  There will be other camping trips.  I cancelled and spent some time with her.  I found some alternative items this evening.

1)  Nature:  I can't go out and explore nature without the proper gear.  SmartWool socks are the best!  Not itchy, prevent blisters, comfortable in all weather, and since they are wool will keep my feet warm even in the unlikely event they get wet despite my waterproof boots.

2)  Vintage:  One of my newest cookbooks.  I think I'll start with the Shoo-Fly Cake, which "takes its lead from the old Pennsylvania Dutch favorite, shoo-fly pie."

3)  Whimsical:  Maybe I'll finish it this year.  I still need to add a few leaves, the holly berries, and a cardinal.

4)  Cooking:  I love wearing my Wolfgang Puck apron when I'm cooking.

5)  Week's Best (Date):  My daughter wore the missing pair of pink pearls, which I gifted to her, the day we spent together.  She colored and cut my hair to demonstrate her skills, then we went to lunch.  (She can't have the black ones.  Those are MINE.)

 Want to play?  Next weeks items are vision, strong, buttons, map, and favorite fruit.  No need to be literal as creativity is encouraged.  


Brian Miller said...

nice...good on you for making the choice to be with your daughter...i know that meant much...

sage said...

Those boots look like they need to be broken in, but I agree with Brian that it was nice you spent time with your daughter.

Myrna R. said...

Children can def change our plans, but it seems you had fun anyway. Nice pics.

Unknown Mami said...

Love the cover of the cake book.

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