Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 24: Nail Polish

I'm already missing daylight savings time.  There's not much time to get photos before dark now, so tonight you guys get to watch me paint my nails.

I've learned that I can turn the LCD display on my new camera around to face the front so I can see what I'm shooting.  I don't have to resort to cheesy mirror pictures (nothing says "date me" like a photo with your toilet in the background) or set the timer and just hope I'm in the frame.  I do need a little more practice with it, though.  Of over 60 pictures taken, I hated 58.

Why clear polish?  It keeps my nails from looking unkempt so I can show off my rings, but it's way less maintenance than the colors.  I didn't even remove the old stuff first, I just put a fresh coat on top.



Brian Miller said...

nothing says date me like a toilet in the back ground....hahaha...something i see often, my wife painting her nails as we watch a movie or such...

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