Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Name my Geocaching Blog

I'm anxious to get started building my geocaching blog.  I considered putting the new one on Wordpress, but nixed the idea after reading that it's only free if you don't want to monetize.  I'll stick with Blogger.

The next step is to think of a name.  I need to think of a good one before I create the URL.  I want something unique.  Adventures in Geocaching has already been used several times over.  Geocaching Grandma has a nice ring, but I'm not that old and I'm not a grandma.  Goecaching Gypsy?  Nope, doesn't suit me.  Snakes, Spiders and Poison Ivy?  That doesn't make it sound very fun.

Hide and Seek?
Grownup Hide and Seek?
Modern Day Treasure Hunt?

Hide & Seek for Grownups was my favorite until I Googled it and discovered a Facebook page already exists with that name.  Does that matter? 

Anybody have any better ideas?


Oilfield Trash said...

How about Geojen or GeoJen

Sounds good to me.

Brian Miller said...

cache-ing out or
chasing coordinates

Tempo said...

I coined one for use on my family Geocoin,I looked all over and no one else has used it anywhere that I can find, if you dont mind sharing you are welcome to use.
'Cache me if you can'

Vince said...

H&S for grown-ups has a bedroom spin to it, with toys !. But I expect there is no harm going with a double-entente. But I'd stay away from the Cache part. Tempo's one is downright dirty :D.


Cumbyrocks said...

Perhaps I'm a little naive here, but how is 'Cache me if you can' at all dirty? Isn't it just a play on 'Catch me if you can'?

Kelly said...

I kind of like Oilfield Trash's idea. GeoJen sounds simple and to the point.

John McElveen said...

Does Geocache come in Denominations?? :-)

I Like the descriptive Hide and Seek for Adults....but also something that Has Caching, or GPS in it to Grab new People! Even the "naughty ones" that click on it and are fooled!!!

I don't think there is a real conflict from FaceBook to Blogger--but maybe I'm wrong. If it's Googled--which one would it show--You would have to have some good tags to get people there, but if anyone can do it--you can!


Jen said...

I don't see what is dirty about cache me if you can, either. Maybe it means something else in Ireland.

I Googled cache me if you can and found a really cool annual contest:

Maybe I'll use a combination of these ideas. Thanks, guys.

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