Saturday, January 22, 2011

Goblins in Underpants


Image from flickr.

I often check my stats to see which posts are getting views and what search words are leading readers to my blog.  I was more than a bit surprised to see "goblins in underpants".  What?  I searched and discovered that Google considers me an expert on the subject, giving me the third spot on the list.  Why?  Because Tempo mentioned in one of his comments an issue with sock goblins and underpants fairies due to his close vicinity to Middle Earth.  I thought he was exaggerating the problem until three people in a 24-hour period searched for information on the subject.  Each of the poor afflicted souls came to my blog in search of help.

How does one avoid these insidious beasts?  What advice should I give?  Go commando...?    


Oilfield Trash said...

Going commando might work, however you might also freeze your ass off as it is cold outside these days.

Jingle said...

have fun with it.
interesting discovery,

Happy Sunday.

Tempo said...

Isnt it strange the way the web works? But what the heck..if that's whats bringing them I suggest you write a blog on the did!

Kelly said...

How funny!!

A Woman Scorned said...

People search for the darndest things. One person searching for goblins in underpants is understandable. But more than one? Perhaps the goblins have their own Victoria Secret Catalogue?
Too funny Jen!

LL Cool Joe said...

Now that is weird. Goblins in boxer shorts is totally understandable but underpants...I don't get it.

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