Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's a Conspiracy

Motivational Poster - Conspiracy, originally uploaded by DiscoWeasel.

Image from Flickr.

Blogger and Yahoo are in cohoots. They've learned of my plan to try to post 365 in 2011 and they are conspiring against me. Last night I wanted to post my giveaway and Blogger wouldn't let me. Today, I wanted to catch up reading and commenting on some of your blogs, but my internet connection keeps crashing. I've been Yahoo'd at least 3 times in the last 30 minutes. This is getting annoying.

What? Me paranoid? Never!

P.S. If you switch the channel every ten minutes, the people on TV can't read your mind. No, the foil hat only works for aliens. Comcast has advanced technology...


Slamdunk said...

Those aliens always focus on the highly intelligent folks--which means at least I am safe.

I hope things go your way soon.

Oilfield Trash said...

I guess I don't have to worry about aliens either

Tempo said...

Haven't you folks noticed it's only Americans that get abducted by aliens and probed? We dont have aliens here in Oz...just Kiwi backpackers. (which is worse)
Living so close to middle earth (New Zealand) we get Sock Goblins and Underpants Fairies..but not much else

Sage said...

Pretty funny! Blogging 365 seems way too much like work to me.

Tempo,our aliens also visit the least likely places... I've been through Rachel NV many times and why would any alien in their right mind would stop there is beyond me.

Amanda said...

That explains my husband's love for the remote! He's trying to protect his brain. Suddenly it all makes sense.

LL Cool Joe said...


That photo cracked me up. :D

Being Yahoo'd can be very painful. ;)

Jen said...

@slamdunk: Oh, good. I don't have to wear that hat any more.

@oilfield trash: Hat burning party is at 5.

@Tempo: Sock goblins are running amuck here, too. I didn't know they came from Middle Earth.

@sage: I never promised they'd be well-researched or 350+ words, they might just be whatever silly thoughts pop into my head and take all of 10 minutes to post. Like this one...

@Amanda: The guys knew about it the whole time and told us nothing!

@LL Cool Joe: I'm still nursing my wounds.

Kelly said...

At least you don't have dead birds dropping out of the sky!

I just wish I could get cable. I've about had my fill of satellite internet!!

Jen said...

@Kelly: And now I hear dead fish are washing ashore, as well. Scary!

A Lady's Life said...

Technology is so ahead today, no one's life is private.
I am not so sure I like the future world.
Maybe this is why I watch cowboy movies and classics.

It's simple, alive, fresh, quiet, nurturing.Everything a person needs for the soul to be happy.
Today people go insane trying to keep their heads above water and then the TV only shows you the lives of the rich and famous so you want to become like them but the rich and famous are not happy either. So why would you want to be like them.... and so it goes.

Jen said...

@A Lady's Life: The Wild West is only romantic in the movies. The real thing was much different. Overall, I'm happy we have technology, even though it can be frightening at times.

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