Monday, January 31, 2011

3rd Time Not a Charm

Faith, curled as close to me as she can get.

Tonight when I tried to give Jay his subcutaneous fluids, he jumped as soon as I tried to stick him with the needle.  I didn't manage to get any into him.  My daughter thinks he doesn't need them if he's feeling feisty enough to fight us.  I'm not so sure.  The vet wouldn't have prescribed them just for fun. 

Faith, the other cat, has been hissing at him since he came home.  I've kept her locked in my bedroom, and made her sleep in their cage at night because she acted like she didn't even know him.  She followed him around hissing and spitting, making sure he knew he was not welcome.  I've had to keep them separated, just like when you get a new pet and have to introduce them.  Finally, today, she stopped trying to run him off.  She still hisses occasionally, but only if they happen to cross paths.  She no longer hunts him down.

I didn't think to lock her up before we tried to give him his fluids and she was lurking behind him, watching.  Did that little brat make him nervous?     


Brian Miller said...

nice little cat fighton your hands...seriously if you come after me with a needle you may get me once or twice too but no more...smiles.

Tempo said...

Cats are funny like that..maybe she didnt like the different smells...or saw her chance to become top cat! Glad he's pepping up now

LL Cool Joe said...

Cats appear to know when another cat is ill or something is wrong.

Sounds very stressful, I hope things get better soon.

AmyLK said...

My Cats always hiss at each other when one goes to the vet and the other stays home. Something about a different scent. It goes away in a couple of days. I hope you get the hang of giving the fluids! If not call the vet for some tips.

Kelly said...

I'm sorry you're still having problems getting his fluids in him. I'm with Amy... maybe you should call the vet for pointers.

sage said...

Wow, cat fights at Jennifer's! I agree, if he was given the medicine, he needs to take it but getting medicine into animals that want nothing to do with it can be difficult.

Jen said...

The vet has been calling me daily to check on his progress. I have one clean needle left to try again today.

blueviolet said...

No, I think he needs the meds even if he doesn't want them, but this is tricky!

Janice said...

Good luck with that one clean needle, Jen. It's not easy giving cats their meds.

Friko said...

Oh dear, good luck.
Cats know what they want, they always know better and are prepared to fight you over it.

bruce said...

that is why i have dogs. they are easier to medicate. well that and that little allergy thing...

back when i had commander cody a big orange striped cat, giving him meds was a pain.

browndog and whitedog(both deceased in the last year) were a cheese slice away from any meds and the TuckMonster, eats anything...

so good luck and hoping jay gets better!

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John McElveen said...

Do you think it was the smell from the Vet's or that Faith knew he was ill?
I'm so sorry to hear of a sick pet! We had a diabetic cat and gave Insulin shots every day for 17--yes--17 years!

He never fought it!!


Jen said...

I'm not sure which one. Jay was very sick the night before I took him, but Faith wasn't hissing...maybe a combination of both?

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