Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 18: Trick or Treat

I put off my walk until dusk hoping to get photos of Halloween decorations and thinking there would be lots of ghosts and goblins running around.  Instead, I found myself wandering around alone in dark.

"Do you have Tricker-or-Treaters?" the resident of this home asked.

"No,  I just like the decorations.  I'm taking pictures."

"You take some candy," she insisted, pushing a fistful of Reese's in my direction.

I passed most of it to a toddler I bumped into a few minutes later.  She and her parents were the only other souls out and about tonight.  



Tempo said...

All that work for nothing then... Strangely Australia has had Halloween shoved down our throats by the the big supermarkets for a few years now. They seem intent on spreading the Halloween thing even though we actually don't eat Turkey much and dont even know what it's all about.

Brian Miller said...

a fistful of reeses....dang, let me know where that house is....smiles....we had 2 trick or treaters last night...

Claire said...

w efdont get many in our road but it depends where you live and if you decorate then all the kids know where to go :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

It was cold and rainy-ish where I lived. Kids were still out, just not as many.
poor witch!

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