Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 12: Columbia Insect Blocker Jacket

I played with the timer on my camera today.  I can custom set how long to wait and how many shots to take.  

It's a very thin mesh hoodie treated with repellent that is supposed to last through 70 washes, "the expected life of the garment".    I wore it in the swamp, where the mosquitoes point and laugh at my bug spray, and did not receive any bites to my upper body.  It worked so well, I'm planning to buy some of their pants.


Tempo said...

That sounds like a good product actually.
We are starting to have more trouble with Mozzies in Australia. With the amount of water holding rubbish people leave about (like old tires) Mozzies can now bite you all year around and they are starting to carry some nasty Asian diseases.

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