Saturday, February 12, 2011

Silly Cat

Best Friends Again

Faith has stopped hissing at Jay, and Jay is feeling much better.  He is now eating his new prescription diet without my having to mix it in with the old food, and is using the litter box normally.  Hooray!  He did have to go back to the vet when I noticed blood in his urine.  It was diagosed as a UTI and he was sent home with antibiotics.  After all my bragging about how easy it was to medicate him, he suddenly decided to spit his pills back out at me.  No hissing and scratching, just refused to swallow until I dropped it on the floor next to his treat and then he gobbled it up like candy.  Silly cat.  

You can really tell how fat Faith is when she's next to Jay.  She has stopped begging me for food all day since we switched her to canned food, though, so hopefully she will lose some weight.  The vet says they eat less of the good stuff because they're getting what they need and no longer have the cravings caused by poor nutrition.  She's on Fancy Feast, since he told me that was the best of the cheaper brands.             


Brian Miller said...

nice...glad to hear the cats are doing more needle talk...smiles

Oilfield Trash said...

Glad your cat is getting back to being healthy.

Tempo said...

He still looks a little tatty, but I guess he'll fill out and get his sleek look back as his health improves

Lorraine said...

Oh do I sympathise I have 3 cats, they have spit sratched,f I've held cheeks together until they swallow even if if took half-an hour only to find the crushed pills, little fakers....gosh do we love our cats

Kelly said...

I'm so glad things are getting back to normal for your feline population!

LL Cool Joe said...

Good news. :)

And thank you for the link to the sock sketch! Ha ha that made me laugh and it's so true!

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