Friday, February 11, 2011

Gathering Evidence

I had to pull out some of my old performace reviews and letters from customers to help come up with some accomplishments to add to my resume.  It occurred to me that I should be taking these things with me to job interviews.  I've got a copy of an email that one of my supervisors sent to her superiors about how we went to lunch with a client and all the good things they had to say about me.  Into my folder it goes. 

Another is a fax from a customer that says, "Please convey to your upper management at [previous employer] my appreciation for the effort and diligence Jennifer [last name] has given to this account over the past year in consummating our export shipments to Matadi and Lumbumbashi in the Republic du Congo.  She has followed up on every occasion on direct requests from us, and other times on her own initiative on potential problems.  She is a very professional and dedicated employee."  It's handwritten on a fax cover sheet, but I'm using it.  It's going into the folder as well.

The manager's statement on one of my performance reviews:  "Jennifer worked diligently to get a credit issue for one of her top customers resolved to everyone's satisfaction.  This continues to be an issue for this customer, but with her follow-up with the other departments involved, she has it under control. 

Jennifer also maintains an excellent relationship with her accounts and with the sales team that supports these accounts.  This is evidenced by feedback received from customer surveys.

Jennifer also assisted in training co-workers with [company computer software] and continues to be a resource for her teammates."

I don't have any letters of recommendation.  I'm pretty sure my previous employer does not allow them.  These should be almost as good...


Brian Miller said...

smiles. best wishes on the will do fine...

Kelly said...

You can't go wrong with positive comments. You're certainly on the right track.

H said...

It's very good practice to collect letters and comments and recommendations into a portfolio. I try to include photos too, but that isn't always appropriate, depending on the kind of job you want.

Thanks for the advice on uploading the video. It worked :)

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