Sunday, December 23, 2012

Days 66 through 70: Deliveries, Diamonds, and Drink Machines

Day 66:  QVC / HSN Packages 

I skipped the mall this year and made all my gift purchases with the TV shopping channels.  They were all delivered to my front door in time for Christmas.  Are you supposed to tip the UPS guy? 

Day 67:  Joan Rivers Earrings

I wasn't able to put anything in my ears except studs last week.  This week, I managed these drop earrings with a little gentle wiggling.  Why did I go so long without wearing jewelry?  My skin was not liking the cheap stuff and I couldn't afford anything else.  These are not causing any ill effects so far, and they look very nice for having spent as little as I did.  They are faceted crystal drop earrings by Joan Rivers, sold on QVC.   

Day 68:  Avon Products

I'm not selling Avon anymore, but I'm still using the products.  I bought all of this for $35.70.  I can get free shipping to my door on purchases of $30, or order from my colleague's website and she will bring it to work.      Don't let the price fool you.  Avon is very good quality.

Day 69:  Blue Diamond Earrings

I finally am able to wear them.  Hooray!  They are sterling silver with blue diamonds.  These were not inexpensive, but I deserve a little reward now and then.  We'll call it a celebration of my new job.  I applied for and got a new position with my current employer.  

It was very hard to do these earrings justice.  I could not get the lighting right for them and for my skin tone at the same time.  I either ended up with dull, uninteresting hoops or purple and blue mottled skin.  I finally focused on the earrings and cropped as much of my flesh as possible out of the picture.

Day 70:  Sodastream

I added up how much I spend on sodas and was disgusted.  If this is any good, it will save me money in the long run.  I'll let you know.

I sure did want to buy that bracelet she's selling in the background.  It would go beautifully with my bronze ring.  I said I was not going to buy any more jewelry this year, though, so I didn't.  I really need to pay off those diamond earrings first...    


Brian Miller said...

woot congrats on the new position, that is awesome...and nice treat too...i rather like the green earrings...nice color...

sage said...

Merry Christmas and congratulations on your "promotion"!

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