Monday, December 17, 2012

Days 56 through 60: Birds, Bronze, and Beau Rivage

Day 56:  Poker Tournament

I finally won one!  Woohoo!  Once again, it's not real money.  Darn.  

Day 57:  Eastern Phoebe
I think this must be one of his favorite perches because I've seen him there several times.  He's one of our winter birds, spending the colder months in the wooded area behind my apartments before he heads as far north as Canada to breed.  I took his photo from my balcony.

Day 58:  Bronze Drusy Ring 

I've jumped on the Bronzo Italia bandwagon.  Gold has become too expensive for me to buy, but this cost less than $60 and has a beautiful color.  I may have to start a collection of bronze jewelry.  

Day 59:  Beau Rivage Poker Chip 

Many times, I've heard other players saying they brought several hundreds of dollars to the table so when they got a good hand they could bet large and make some money.  I wondered if there was any validity to that strategy, but I wasn't going to risk my own money finding out.  I won $500 at the blackjack tables, took it to the poker tables, and gave it all away.  I think I'll stick to my strategy of buying in with the minimum $100.  If I play smart, that's enough.  

Day 60:  Home-Grown Tangerine 

One of my colleagues harvested her trees and brought some of the fruit to work.    


Brian Miller said...

mmmm we used to have a orange tree out back when we lived in florida....amazing! dang, def too bad thats not real are pretty good...ha

LadyCat said...

Poker is so fun! We play Texas. Hold em : ) Love your ring...will have to look for Bronzo Italia on line.
Adorable little bird.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

$42K would be real handy now, wouldn't it? You cold skip the bronze and go directly to gold (although I think Bronze is a pretty cool metal).

Rebecca S. said...

Sweet Pheobe! I love bronze jewelery. In my hometown there is a guy who makes really nice, inexpensive stuff. I told my daughter about it and on our last visit she bought a beautiful ring...for 16 dollars. Can't beat that!
Speaking of wedding ring is cast silver :)

Stewart M said...

Hi there - hope the wheels spins in the correct fashion for you.

I do not envy you the choices you will have to make about gun ownership over the next few months - I know what I think, but I dont have an understanding of how attached to firearms many in your country are. Good luck.

Stewart M - Melbourne

Unknown Mami said...

I love that ring.

Friko said...

Hm, gambling for real money and losing, that would make me feel cross. I hope for 2013 your losses will never be greater than your winnings.

sage said...

Great way to catch up by posting lots of photos at once (I use to blog so much more, too). Interesting shots.

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