Friday, December 21, 2012

Days 61 through 65: Winning, Weather, and Wi-Fi

Day 61:  Anew Clinical Eye Lift 

I stopped selling Avon because it was exhausting to try to take proper care of my customers and work my fulltime job.  I've started buying it from one of colleagues because I definitely noticed the difference when I switched to something else.  Love this stuff!  The gel is for your lids and the cream is for under your eye.  

Day 62:  George Foreman Grill

Look what I won at our company Christmas Luncheon.  One of the games was a sheet with Christmas carol  lyrics and we had to guess the names of the songs.  Did I ever tell you I sang in the junior high school choir?  I blew away the competition.  

Day 63:  Cultured Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Santa sent me some hoop earrings and I couldn't get them in my ears.  I panicked, thinking I'd gone too long without wearing jewelry and my piercings had finally closed.  I have teeny tiny holes, not stretched at all.  I had no problem with studs, though.  I'll wear these for a few days and try again.  

Day 64:  Rain on Magnolia Blossom

My favorite photo this week.

Day 65:  Mobile Hotspot

Maybe some of you recall the trials I had trying to get a reliable internet connection in my new apartment.  Comcast gave me the runaround, Cricket disappointed me, Best Buy told me I'd have to put down a $400 deposit...

I went to Amazon's cellular store, got the phone for a penny (with a new 2-year contract), and added on the mobile hotspot for $29 a month with no deposit required.  It's a superfast 4G connection that I can not only use at home, but take with me when I travel.  There is a 5GB data limit that I've never come close to reaching.  Problem solved.   


Brian Miller said...

oh the magnolia blossom pic is amazing...and pretty cool on the grill...we have one that someone gave us and we enjoy it...

sage said...

Congratulations on winning at the party. I once found a pearl in an oyster but don't know what happened to it. I wonder how much 5GB really is in download?

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Love the rain on the Magnolia! I'm afraid I'd need the eye life in the economical 55 gallon drum size :-o

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