Monday, December 17, 2012

Days 51 through 55: Honolulu, HSN, and Haters

Day 51:  Honolulu 

Her parents named her Regret.  In Korea, girl babies were not valued.  They did not attend school, did not eat with their brothers or father, did not matter.  She learned to read in secret and became a picture bride, shaming her family.  She found herself in Hawaii, married to an abusive husband who drank or gambled away every penny he earned.  She took a job in the pineapple fields so she'd have money for food and was rewarded with a beating.  After he caused the death of their unborn baby, she finally found the courage to leave.  Alone in Honolulu, she started over.  I won't spoil the story by telling you the rest.  I will tell you she perseveres and her life does get much, much better.

Also recommended:  Moloka'i by the same author.

Day 52:  Wolfgang Puck's Garnishing Tools

I'm also hooked on HSN, especially when Wolfgang Puck is on.  All the best stuff sells out during the show, so I have to watch it live.  This garnishing set was $24.99.  His is the only lemon zester I've found that actually works.  I love the apple corer, too.  I haven't used the other tools yet.   

Day 53:  New Lamp 

I've been moving my one lamp from the bedroom to the living room and back long enough.  No more!  I think the new one will live by my La-Z-Boy.  I wonder if the bulb will really last 9.1 years?  Come back in a decade and I'll let you know. 

Day 54:  Lips

  They used to laugh at me in grade school.  They called me "N_____ Lips" and made other mean comments.  

My sister told my daughter, "You're so lucky you don't have huge lips like your mother."    

I like my lips.  People spend good money to make theirs like mine or even bigger.  


Day 55:  Eyes     

They've been looking a little tired lately.  I need to start using my Avon again...and getting more sleep.     


Tempo said...

Love the tool kit and lamp.. great lips, whats wrong with them? Your eyes do look a little tired, perhaps a little Geocaching?

Brian Miller said...

ha i forgot you were geocaching before understand the tired eyes got them myself...the garnishing kit is way cool as well....have a great start to the week

Joanna Jenkins said...

I had to read your first sentence twice-- "Her parents named her Regret." to make sure I was seeing correctly. Wow-- sounds like an interesting book.

I have to stay away from HSN so I'd go broke! I love everything the show.

And your lips are great!


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