Sunday, August 28, 2011

More New Furniture

This is where I've been eating my dinner for the last 4 months...

No more!  My real table and chairs were delivered yesterday.

I found the set on sale at Rooms to Go for $295.  The bistro table is chrome and glass, the adjustable height barstools chrome and leather.  Another shopper said they looked like Star Trek chairs.  I guess I've decided I'm going more modern than traditional with my decor.  I don't have a separate dining room, so I chose a cream color that won't clash with my recliner.  

The first thing I noticed when they took my furniture off the truck was that the table was in a box.  I was thinking, "I waited 2 weeks and paid delivery for furniture in a box?"   I said out loud, "Oh.  It's not put together..."

"Would you like us to put it together for you?"

"Does that cost extra?"

"No, we can put it together for you."

"If you have time, that would be great."

I tipped them 5 bucks apiece.  I didn't have 20 or I'd have tipped 10.  Next time I'll remember to ask if my furniture requires assembly.  If it comes in a box, I don't need to waste my money on delivery charges.       


Kelly said...

Hey, we use to have lap trays like yours!!

Your new furniture is very nice.

Vince said...

You could have of course continued the theme and went all Japan. :-D

Brian Miller said...

nice...i think it looks cool and you going to get the tv off the ground next? smiles.

Stafford Ray said...

Looks good. Actually unless it is hand made, most furniture is now built for export,ie, can be shipped in as small a box as possible, so you are right. It is easier and quicker to carry it home and assemble yourself. It's fun too and if you have an eight year or older, give the kid the Allen key and stand back!

Tempo said...

Lovely chairs Jen, I like that nice clean modern look. I'm minimalist in a big way but my furniture is all crap. Being male I dont know anything about making things match and stuff!!

AmyLK said...

I love the modern look of the set!

blueviolet said...

That's really cute, and I love that they assembled it for you!

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