Thursday, February 11, 2010


Image from flickr.  Umbrella's, originally uploaded by bartwe.
It was a nasty, rainy day but I couldn't stay inside. I had to go to school. I pulled the hood of my wool jacket over my head. It sheds quite a bit of water, but I was still getting wet. I heard a voice say, "Wanna share?" A girl I'd never met stuck her umbrella over my head and walked me to class. It's nice to receive an affirmation that people can still be kind and generous.

P.S. I just throw my daily posts together and stop writing when I run out of things to say. I'd like to do a better job on my Travel Tip Thursday posts. I've started some outlines and will get the stories out soon. Can't wait to tell you about the Australian rugby team, Hanauma Bay, Germaine's Luau, stalking Bon Jovi, etc. I'm having fun remembering my trip.


LL Cool Joe said...

Did you sing Rihanna's "Umbrella" as you walked along too?

Sara Louise said...

Small acts of kindness restore my faith in the world (what little is left)

Can't wait to read about the Australian rugby team!

Brian Miller said...

wonderful little tale...glad that you shared it. gave me a smile.

sage said...

A little kindness is always nice! Don't worry about throwing together posts--lately I've just haven't been as much in the mood to write.

buffalodick said...

At one of my sons football games long ago, a woman we knew from school and a club we belong to, shared her umbrella with me...Problem being she was about 4'10", and I was hunched over like Quasimoto, trying to stay dry!

Anonymous said...

You stalked Bon Jovi!!!! How awesome is that. I always wanted to stalk a band! Can't wait to hear the story! I have an award for you!

Alice in Wonderland said...

LOL! Christie has already stalked out many bands!
Great little tale. Little act of kindness go a long way!

Jen said...

@LL Cool Joe: No, but I couldn't get it out of my head after I posted this.

@Sara Louise: They were a lot of fun. I think I'll do the Aussie post first.

@Brian Miller: It put a smile on my face, too. Gave my day a good start in spite of the rain.

@sage: Since I'm using blogging as a pre-writing exercise now, it's not supposed to be rewritten and tweaked or even well thought out. It's like a warm-up. I want my travel posts to be much better than that. I understand not being in the mood. That's what caused me to take a short break.

@buffalodick: She tried. That's what is important.

@Christiejolu: We sure did. Played in the elevators at their hotel and everything.

@Alice in Wonderland: They do go a long way. I'll remember that the next time I see someone that could use a helping hand.

Heather said...

Sometimes short and sweet is all that's needed.
Great to hear there are still deciet people left in this world.

BonJovi?!! Can't wait!

Unknown Mami said...

Hold on to the kindness you receive. Sometimes we focus on the unkind more.

buffalodick said...

I know..she was a beautiful woman, and it was awkward to say the least...guys get mixed signals

Jen said...

@Heather: Sometimes short and sweet is all I can manage, so that's good.

@Unknown Mami: I will. I try to forget the unkind people as quickly as possible.

@bufflaodick: Men give as many mixed signals as they get!

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